HP 17-ca0003na 17.3-Inch Laptop - (Black) (AMD

HP 17-ca0003na 17.3-Inch Laptop - (Black) (AMD


399.0 £


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Computer with good performance and very big screen, 17.3 inches. Despite this large screen does not weigh too much and has a fairly striking price. It has Windows 10 pre-installed and a RAM of 4 GB.

The materials of manufacture of this pc are not of great quality, is designed with plastics a little flimsy. It has no SSD hard drive, so it will take longer to boot and perform certain processes. AMD processor that much people do not prefer before Intel. HD screen.

Lenovo Ideapad 320 17-Inch Laptop - (Grey)

Lenovo Ideapad 320 17-Inch Laptop - (Grey)


642.61 £


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The price of this computer is one of its great advantages, since it is a computer with an Intel Core i7 processor. It has a large capacity RAM memory with 8 GB and a dedicated graphics card Nvidia GeForce MX150. It also has a high quality Full HD screen and the ability to open the pc to 180 degrees.

This Lenovo Ideapad does not have a SSD hard disk, HDD hard disks are slower. You can replace it and use the external storage HDD, but you have to open the computer.

HP 17-ca0007na 17.3 Inch Laptop - (Black)

HP 17-ca0007na 17.3 Inch Laptop - (Black)


529.99 £


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The configuration of this pc is very simple, in only a few minutes you will be able to begin to use it without problems. Very wide screen of 17.3 inches and graphics card AMD Radeon R4 incorporated. The battery lasts about 4 or 5 hours at full performance. Includes Windows 10 Home pre-installed.

The big drawback of this laptop is its HDD hard drive, which is large capacity but does not work as well as an SSD hard drive. The screen is HD. The manufacturing materials are not high-end, the pc is made of hard plastic.

Dell Inspiron 17 3000 17.3-Inch FHD Anti-Glare

Dell Inspiron 17 3000 17.3-Inch FHD Anti-Glare


529.99 £


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The design is very elegant and quite slim, and it doesn't weigh much for a 17-inch computer. Its speakers offer good sound for watching videos and listening to music without headphones. The battery also has a good capacity, and the screen is high resolution thanks to the Cinema Colour system. Good connectivity.

It includes the trial version of Windows 10. The boot time is not very fast, but this is because it does not have SSD hard drive.

HP 17-ca0003na 17.3-Inch Laptop - (Black) (AMD

HP 17-ca0003na 17.3-Inch Laptop - (Black) (AMD


309.99 £


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Computer with good features and a very low price. Its battery is of fast load, reason why you will be able to return to use the pc to 50% of battery with a load of 45 minutes. Attractive design and the pc does not weigh much, very important to be a pc of 17 inches.

The big flaw of this pc is not to include a hard disk SSD. The HDD hard drive is large capacity, 1TB, but causes the laptop to go slower.

The best of the best

Find out which are the best 17 inch laptops

Laptops came into our lives many years ago and now they are basic devices for everyone. People use the best 17 inch laptops as if they were desktop computers because of their low price and convenience.

The best 17 INCH LAPTOP: HP CA0003NA

Among all the 17-inch laptop models, buyers have chosen the HP ca0003na as the best on the market. This laptop has a very important discount and you can have it at home in a few days to be able to use it in your simplest jobs. As you know it has a 17.3 inch screen in HD quality, so size won't be a big concern for you.

On the other hand, this pc has an AMD A6 processor, one of the most powerful of the brand. It also has an AMD Radeon R4 graphics card. In relation to the memory of the device, this laptop has a hard disk HDD of 1 TB and 4 GB of RAM, enough to perform simple tasks and that do not put in a predicament the operating system of the computer.

The pc comes with Windows 10 already installed, thus you will save you to buy this license so that the pc functions. The weight of this pc is two kilograms, although keep in mind that the screen is 17 inches. We can not finish this review without talking about the connections, you will not miss any. The pc has two HDMI ports, a USB port 3.0 and another 2.0, in addition to the port for LAN connection and headphones. A great offer!

Choose a lightweight or thick laptop?

The important technical criteria for choosing between an lightweight 17 inch laptop or a normal laptop are different. The choice depends on priorities, some people prefer lightness over durability, other people prefer power and more memory.

If you decide to buy the thinnest 17 inch laptop, you should keep in mind that the battery will be smaller and the computer will have less autonomy. There are exceptions, such as MacBook Air, which has a long battery life.

If you just want to give it an office use (word processing, internet ...) any notebook 17 inch from 300 pounds can serve you. But if you need multimedia software (video playback, graphics, photo storage ...) you should check that the laptop has a powerful processor and enough variety of connections ( 500 and 600 pounds).

For a more demanding use, such as video games, photo editing or videos, you will need a powerful graphics card with dedicated memory and a disk with 1Tb or more. The price will be 800 pounds or even more money. Thanks to artificial intelligence and big data, our algorithm is able to read in real time the comments and 17 inch laptops reviews.

Thanks to this analysis we can offer you a comparison with the best 17 laptops deals. The CPU has always been the main part that indicates the capacity of a computer, but also the brand. That's why in The Best 5, the only intelligent Internet product recommender, we offer you this 17 inch laptop buying guide. Remember that you have to choose the best laptop to perform your tasks.

Which laptop to buy? - Features

All laptops look alike, but power and equipment vary widely from model to model. Storage space, processor, screen size, graphics card, connectivity, etc. There are many elements that you have to evaluate to buy cheap laptops online.

Surely you've already had a laptop. If you are thinking about changing the pc it is possible that those laptops that you see now in the stores do not look at all like your previous computer. Next we are going to see some important aspects that you have to analyze.

The central processing unit

The central processing unit is the center of the computer, the heart of the system, the brain that coordinates the work of the different components. A powerful CPU will be able to obey many more commands at once.

If you think you're going to need a processor with superpowers, you should to buy a i7 17 inch laptop. The Intel Core i5, i3, Celeron, Pentium or AMD processors are enough to perform common tasks or surf the Internet.

The Core i5 model is a more than acceptable processor. AMD processors are cheaper than Intel CPUs, but they consume much more energy and are not as powerful. The most common computers have i3, i5 and i7 CPU.

The i7 laptops are the most powerful on the market. A processor with these features will allow you to run several powerful programs at the same time without losing speed.

If you're multitasking, the best i7 laptops are just what you need. The i5 and i3 laptops have fewer features, but their functions may be enough. Are you going to play? Buy an i7 laptop. Are you going to do office work? Buy an i5 laptop. Are you just going to read the mail, surf the Internet and use some low-memory software? An i3 computer is your best option.


When you run a program like Chrome, for example, it consumes what is known as RAM. When you run many programs, the RAM consumer is higher. RAM is very important to use several programs at the same time.

The Media Markt laptops might have holes in it to expand RAM, a very common process among users. You'll notice how your 17 touchscreen laptop goes faster with a lot of open stuff. Without enough RAM you will have to close some programs.

The hard disk

Typically you can to choose 100, 200, 500, 1000 gb hard drives. The brands are designing more and more capacity memories. Now the hard disk is still a crucial factor, but it will be difficult to find one with less than 500 gb. SSDs are more interesting and have changed the way 17 inch ultrabooks work. How many gigas does the SSD hard drive in your cheap laptop have to have?

The SSD hard drive gets your notebook laptop up and running in a few seconds. The SSD is a storage system based on flash technology. It is less fragile than an HDD and the SSD hard drive offers significant time savings thanks to its speed and fast access to data.

An SSD hard drive is much faster for copying files, launching applications, opening documents or starting the computer. However, the SSD system has some drawbacks.

First of all its storage capacity is limited, almost never greater than 256Gb. Computer scientists recommend that it be linked to a larger external hard drive. The other drawback is the price. High-end computers usually have SSD hard drives. If you need a lot of storage space, it is better to opt for a 1 or 2 Tb hard drive.

Remember: RAM is the space where programs and files are stored during. A 17 inch laptop with more RAM will process the information faster. A RAM of 4Gb should be the minimum you need.

Graphic card

Are you going to use Photoshop or some other image or video editing program?

  • You are interested in having a separate or integrated graphics card with a very high capacity, a minimum of 2 gb.
  • If you are not going to use video or photo programs, you will have enough with a RAM of 1 GB.
  • If you need better image quality, you can also buy one of the best PC graphics cards.

Screen size

If you want your Amazon laptop to watch series or movies you should look at the screen. There are 13-inch, 15-inch, 17-inch screens… You must choose according to the use that is going to give to your pc.

The size of a laptop screen is another of the main criteria. If you are going to go everywhere with your laptop, choose a small screen so that the computer will be lighter. Keep in mind that 'small' doesn't mean less sharpness.

But a smaller laptop usually has less storage space and less capacity. On the other hand, a 17-inch screen is just like a desktop computer but in portable format. There are also models of 17 touch screen laptops, although their price is usually higher. Our recommendation is the Full HD screen with maximum brightness. In case of outdoor use, reflections will not generate discomfort.


All computers typically include an HDMI port for transmitting image and sound and USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. Some include a USB 3 Type C port or an Ethernet port to connect the modem directly to the computer. In addition an SD card reader will be essential because laptops do not have CD players.

The best laptops by brand

We've told you about i3, i5, i7 laptops and the data you need to look at before buying one. Now, what brand are we left with? After analyzing our algorithms, we discovered that the best are Acer, HP and Lenovo 17 inch laptops.

  • The best Acer 17 inch laptops: Traditionally Acer computers have been the cheapest on the market. A few years ago, Acer decided to design better laptops. Thinner designs and a quality/price only comparable to Lenovo laptops. Acer has been growing for a long time. They've started making i5 computers and i7 laptops. Acer is a benchmark and offers parts at very reasonable prices for fantastic performance.
  • The best HP laptops: Among the best laptop deals are some HP models. Its fantastic designs and comfort of use are some of the factors for which this brand has gained reputation and followers over the years. The high quality of HP computers and the number of after-sales providers have led to a greater number of customers for this brand.
  • The best Lenovo laptops: They arrived late to the world of 17 inch laptops computers, but today this brand has a wide gap in the sector. Lenovo has managed to make computers that perform very well for many years. This Chinese brand is one of the best computer factory, very similar of Acer.
  • The best i7 laptops: If you spend many hours in front of your computer working or playing online, i7 17 inch laptops are perfect for you. This latest generation processor will allow you to perform several tasks at once quickly and they are failures. That's why gaming pcs with i7 are the most powerful on the market and are recommended for gamers and graphic designers.
  • The best ultrabooks laptops: Many years ago we began to see devices that we used in very small formats, such as mobile phones. The ultrabooks laptops are computers that maintain the characteristics of the software but with a different hardware. This structure gets a lighter device and you can take anywhere.
  • The best 17 inch laptops Dell: During the 80's and 90's we saw how the American company Dell became the largest manufacturer and seller of computers in the world. Their extensive experience and the quality of their components and designs made these Dell laptops some of the most valued around the world. If you usually take your pc away from home, we advise you to look for a cheap laptop backpack.

Buy the best 17 inch laptops thanks to The Best 5

You know what computer you need, but where to buy laptops at a good price? Before choosing between MediaMarkt laptops or other commercial surface computers you will have to decide the brand and the processor. For example, a Lenovo i7 or an Acer 17 inch laptops.

After you decide, which one to keep? To answer this question you have the help of The Best 5, the only intelligent Internet product recommender, where we work with an algorithm to save you many hours of searching. You can see the best computers in our price comparison.

Did you know that 60% of English people look on the Internet at the opinion of other users before making their own decisions? We work with a system based on artificial intelligence and Big Data that offers us intelligent comparisons based on real people's 17 inch laptop reviews. And everything, just a click away. Aren't you a smart consumer yet?

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