LG 43UK6300PLB 43-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart

LG 43UK6300PLB 43-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart


349.0 £


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This screen offers great picture and sound quality for viewing your favourite content. 4K screen with very vivid colors and many options of image. Good sound to enjoy different contents. Good quality construction materials. Very complete remote control. The tv image doesn’t lose quality from side viewing angles.

LG's WebOS system is a bit slow and takes a long time to load, but allows you to view content online without many complications. The legs of the TV are not very resistant, the tv wobbles a little in certain occasions. The configuration of the tv is so long.

Samsung UE43NU7020 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD

Samsung UE43NU7020 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD


299.0 £


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Television with energy rating A, so maybe it helps you save some consumption every month. Ultra HD 4k resolution for watching your favorite movies with better picture quality. LED panel at a fairly cheap price. Internet connection available to download content applications online and use tv as a computer.

The sound quality is not one of the best, other Samsung TVs with similar prices have more quality speakers. The TV base is not very stable.

Samsung UE43NU7400 43-Inch Dynamic Crystal Colour 4K

Samsung UE43NU7400 43-Inch Dynamic Crystal Colour 4K


399.0 £


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Ultra HD certification so you can enjoy 4k images. Hidden cable set. Single remote control to control all TV services. Intuitive Samsung SmartHub operating system. Dynamic Crystal Color Display and HDR 10+ that offers a bright image and good colors.

The plug cord is too short, you may need to use a longer cable strip to connect the tv to the electrical current. Includes some applications that can't be erased.

Panasonic TX-43E302B 1080p 43-Inch Full HD LED

Panasonic TX-43E302B 1080p 43-Inch Full HD LED


299.0 £


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It has a Full HD 1080p screen that offers good image quality. Stable sound and multiconnectivity with 2 HDMI inputs and a USB 2.0 input. It has an auto power off function to save energy, and its energy rating is A+. The base for placing the tv in the living room is very resistant and stable.

This TV has no WiFi connection to view your favorite online content. It always has a red light on, although this negative point is less important.

Toshiba 43U5863DB 43-Inch Smart 4K Ultra-HD HDR

Toshiba 43U5863DB 43-Inch Smart 4K Ultra-HD HDR


346.97 £


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Quite acceptable sound and sharp image in 4K HDR. This TV has a game mode so that the graphics have more quality and the colors are more intense. The TV is compatible with Dolby Vision and Alexa. One year warranty. Smart TV that allows you to download apps of online content to see your favorite series and movies.

It's a bit complicated to set up and the YouTube app gets blocked sometimes. Update alerts fill the entire screen, they can bother you if you're playing or watching a movie.

The best of the best

Which 43 inch TVs choose for the living room?

If you spend many hours throughout the day in front of the computer, now is the time to choose between the best gaming chairs. As its name suggests are those specially designed for the player to get more comfort and performance.


There are many televisions, but for consumers the best 43 inch TV is the LG 43UK6300PLB, an smart tv with 4K and LED technology. This first position is possible because his good price and great features. We start from the fact that it is an IPS 4K screen. This innovative ultra HD technology will allow you to view the images with very high quality from any angle, a very noticeable improvement.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence of this 43 inch LG tv you will be able to give commands with your voice to play your favorite content over the Internet. In addition with the 4K HDR active television adapts to any type of image and remastered scene by scene. As for the design, the metal frame is so elegant for you living room.

Finally we must talk about the ultra luminance of this model LG, which reproduces the colors with more intensity. This 43 inch LG tv is catalogued as Amazon's Choice. The users who have one in the living room at home can’t show more happiness in their comments, as they only have good words about the image quality and the smooth operation of the tv.

What do you have to value before buying a 43 inch TV?

Television is an electronic device that we use a lot every day, whether to play video games in your gaming chair or watch series, so you must be patient to choose a good TV for this hobbies. In The Best 5, the smart comparison engine, we're are looking for the best 43-inch TV for home. 4k TVs, Smart TVs, curved screens, etc.

Comparing all TVs takes time that you probably want to avoid. Thanks to our unique algorithm based on artificial intelligence and big data we have check hundreds of comments from buyers to make a comparison of 43 inch TVs with prices. The starting point for choosing a cheap 43 inch TV is the screen, how it's made.

Currently, technology brands are building TV screens with LCD and OLED panels, although for example Samsung 43 inch TVs are incorporating QLED technology, which reproduces blacks better but it is more expensive. OLED TVs are the most modern and offer the best image quality, as the pixels are switched on individually.

Continuing with image quality, if you want to make sure your 43 inch smart tv is upgraded, you take a look if it has HDR. HDR technology has brought a real change in image enhancement and there are several types depending on the model. Specifically, a Samsung 43-inch LED TV, SHARP or any other HDR-branded TV offers a higher luminance range, so the colours will have more life and brighter.

The 43 inch 4k TVs also are good options, with an impressive view of the image that has left 3D in the balance. 4k content is becoming more and more accessible and certain game consoles have made the leap to this image quality, for example the PS4.

The LG 43 inch TVs with 4k are more demanded. The world of Smart TVs has changed the way televisions are used. With a smart TV you will be able to see any content on the Internet and in real time. Whether you have Netflix, HBO or love YouTube, with a 43" Smart tv you can view any content platform on it.

The best 43 inch TVs with Wi-Fi are the most common in all stores and in the comparison you can see some of the best. Sound is a factor you don't have to overlook either. It has undergone very little evolution compared to imaging technologies and TVs that have new sound features have quite high prices. If you want a good sound on your 43 inch LED tv, later we will talk about the accessories we can add to turn your living room into a real cinema.

Connectivity for the future

The connectivity of television is a very important part. When it comes to online content playback, you should look for the best 43 inch TVs with Wi-Fi AC and Gigabit Ethernet port.

In addition, a Bluetooth connection is never too much, since certain devices that you want to use together with the television may only be able to connect via Bluetooth. If you really want that your 43 inch Full HD LED TV not to become obsolete, make sure that the new one you decide to buy has as many HDMI 2.0 connectors as possible.

With HDMI 2.0.b ports you can view videos and images in HDR, main 4k content and a variety of audio channels. Do you like to take photos on TV or family videos? If so, look at the USB ports on the cheap 43-inch TV you've been eyeing, which should be 3.0. With USB 3.0 ports you will be able to watch almost all kinds of videos, up to the contents in 4k.

Digital tuner

In spite of all the possibilities that we can have with an advanced television in equipment to use Internet, surely that also you like to watch the traditional TV and a good quality in the DTT is important.

In Europe we will probably see in a few years the entry of new versions of DTT, so you should make sure that the TV you are going to buy can support these new standards. As far as Europe is concerned, the new system that has been announced is DVB-T2, but there is still no specific date for its implementation.

This new format will create a more efficient television and will enable DTTV to support higher quality content. Although we do not know when the change to DVB-T2 will take place, it is best to buy a 43 LED TV that can support this standard, although we tell you beforehand that most TVs manufactured from 2015 can cope with it.

A 43-inch television is perfect to get a good image quality at a medium distance without harming your eyesight.

Weight and dimensions of a 43 inch screen

Knowing the measurements of a 43 inch tv is essential to check if it fits in the hole you have left in the room. The weight is another key factor because you can leaving it on a piece of furniture or hang it on the wall (then we'll see the best tv stands you can buy).

  • TV Measurements: a 43 inch screen is 108 centimeters diagonal, 97 cm long and 57 cm wide.
  • How much does a 43-inch TV weigh?: over the years the weight of television has been decreasing and the 43" tv weighs about 16 kg.
  • Thickness: specifically, a television of 40 inches or 43 usually has a thickness of 8 cm.

The best 43 inch TVs

In the comparison of TVs there are several brands that are more prominent, both for their image quality and for the general features that they offer. Most of these brands have immersed in the tv of the future, making their own software for Smart TV and offering a multitude of models with quality and quite durable.

  • Samsung: Choosing a Samsung 43 inch smart tv you buy reliability. Samsung 43 inch TVs offer superior picture quality, and more if the screen you buy has QLED technology. Samsung has specialized in looking for a simple operation for all kinds of audiences, so navigating through their devices is not complicated at all.
  • LG: 43 inch LG TVs are considered leaders in all facets. Just as Samsung pioneered QLED technology, so is LG with OLED, which now offers the best possible picture quality for a TV. That's why we're not surprised that their devices are among the best-sellers.
  • Sony: The brand that created the PS4 has also been very successful in making televisions. Thinking about buying a Sony 43 inch TV is a decision that we cannot blame you for. Their smart TVs have Android TV, the system we have in mobile but adapted to larger screens.
  • Panasonic: In recent years, Panasonic has interesting TVs that stand out for their size and extremely small thickness.

Whichever of these 4 brands you choose will ensure a high quality in day-to-day operation, as well as total adaptability to new technologies that will emerge in the coming years within the world of video and television.

TV accessories

Previously we talked about the sound of televisions and the little progress they have had in recent years, Well, you can solve this and get the best environment to watch your favorite movies in the living room at home. Mainly you have two options, speakers distributed by the wall.

A good sound bar can get you right into the series or movie you need to watch. They are usually connected to TVs by bluetooth or cable, although the first option is much better to place it in the place we think.

These surround speakers are more bulky than a sound bar, but there are those who prefer it for the greater purity of sound that reaches the ears. If you need to place the TV set high you can choose to look at the wall mounts for the TV, as they are usually not very expensive and can be useful if you prefer a TV a little larger than the piece of furniture where you wanted to place it.

Keep in mind the wall where you are going to place the support, the compatibility of the support with the TV and the type of support you are looking for, whether fixed or tiltable.

The 8k resolution

Although you think it is not possible, new technologies are being invented to get a much more real image across the screens. Despite the fact that any television has come out with this feature, in a few years we will have the possibility of choosing the 8k! 

But what is 8k? Thanks to the 8k you can watch a screen resolution that reaches 7680x4320 pixels. If we compare it with the 4k, which is about 3840x2160 pixels, the 8k is double. It is rumored that the Tokyo Olympics 2020 will be the first to see this resolution and some networks are already thinking about recording test content in 8k.

Buy 43 inch TVs thanks to The Best 5

With the large number of TV models on the Internet you can spend a few hours in front of the computer searching before choosing one. Do I want a 43 inch HD TV or a 55 inch TV on Amazon? All these doubts are what we want to solve you in The Best 5, the smart comparison engine.

Our comparator shows you the best 43 inch TVs without having to go from store to store finding all the models that interest you. And how do we get it? Through a unique algorithm that we develop and use artificial intelligence and big data to check and analyze all the opinions about 43 inch TVs on the network. We always offer you the best price for each product and a choice based on the comments that users like you have already bought their tv. What are you waiting for to be an intelligent consumer?

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