Samsung UE55NU7400 55-Inch Dynamic Crystal Colour 4K

Samsung UE55NU7400 55-Inch Dynamic Crystal Colour 4K


500.0 £


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TV with Ultra HD quality that gets a superb image quality and very sharp colors. The cables of this tv are hidden to avoid much disorder. One Remote Control to control all devices from a single remote. Smart Hub system to view online content and Dynamic Cristal Color screen with high brightness.

Forced advertisements when connected to the Internet and applications that you can't remove from the TV. The configuration is a bit complicated and it will take a few minutes to finish.

Samsung UE55NU7300 55-Inch Curved 4K Ultra HD

Samsung UE55NU7300 55-Inch Curved 4K Ultra HD


449.0 £


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Television offers good images from any viewing angle, a clear image and with enough sharpness. SmartHub system for viewing online content and 4K image quality. Dynamic Crystal display with great details in the shadows. The cables are completely hidden behind the screen.

Not very good image in black planes, pixels do not flow. It has some pre-programmed applications that you can’t delete, also does not accept external hard drives directly, you will have to use them with an adapter even if the tv has USB connection.

LG 55UK6300PLB 55-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart

LG 55UK6300PLB 55-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart


499.0 £


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Television with high resolution thanks to the UHD 4k screen. Quad Core processor for very high image sharpness. Good surround sound for watching series and movies online. Minimalist design. WebOS 4.0 Smart TV System with artificial intelligence and voice recognition.

The base of the TV is quite flimsy, you will have to be quite careful or to hang the tv from the wall. The remote control is not one of the best, LG encourages you to buy your most complete control for more than 50 euros.

LG 55SK8000PLB 55-Inch Super UHD 4K HDR

LG 55SK8000PLB 55-Inch Super UHD 4K HDR


609.0 £


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Nano cell technology to provide a 4k HDR image with high color volume and good view from side angles. A7 processor and Dolby Vision and HDR 10 compatibility. This TV is also compatible with Alexa and has 3 HDMI ports to connect other devices.

The remote control of the TV is a bit complex to operate, you may want to opt for another remote control simpler to use. There is no socket for using headphones with the TV.

Panasonic TV TX-55FX550B 55-Inch 4K UHD Smart

Panasonic TV TX-55FX550B 55-Inch 4K UHD Smart


399.0 £


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The Panasonic tv shows a high quality image in 4k to see everything in more detail. WiFi connection to view content online. It has excellent connectivity with different connections to take advantage of all its functions. The remote control is very easy to use, either to control the browser or channels.

Online applications are sometimes blocked, but with a tv restart restarting you can use the apps again. The base is a bit unstable and too centered. Sound not very good.

The best of the best

Which are the best 55 inch TVs? - Reviews and prices

The television is, in all probability, the appliance that occupies a privileged place in any home, and the growth of the screen has undergone a bestial evolution. Let's see which are the best 55 inch TVs at our disposal.

The best 55 INCH TV: Samsung UE55NU7400 SMART TV 4K

With a good TV in the living room you will be able to enjoy all your favorite contents with a great quality. In the case of 55 inch TVs, users have chosen the Samsung model UE55NU7400, a smart TV equipped with a Dynamic Cristal Control screen.

The Samsung 55 inch tv has the capacity to show a billion colours, a function that provides an image quality never seen before. The Ultra HD 4K technology will allow you to see new content with a maximum level of detail.

This feature is complemented by the HDR 10+, which helps to achieve sharper images. This 55 Samsung smart tv has UHD attenuation for the control of the dark and bright elements and offer them with a different treatment. One of the details of this model is the remote control with voice assistant, so you can order actions to the smart tv from the microphone of the remote control.

You can share content from your mobile phone or other Samsung devices without any problems. You won't even have to worry about the wires, as the TV has wires elegants. All the opinions of the users comment the great quality of image that this television achieves, in addition to the facility to handle its intelligent functions.

Features of the best 55 inch TVs

The television is beginning to become an essential leisure instrument in any home thanks to the series and the Internet content. In The Best 5, the smart comparison engine, thanks to artificial intelligence and big data, we choose the five best 55 inch TVs for you.

This comparison with the best 55 inch TVs quality price help you ti decide for models that in some cases do not reach 1,000 euros, like the TV LED 55" Sony 55XE8096, 4K X-Reality.

Perhaps you will be interested in another model of the Japanese multinational, the Sony KD-55XF9005 4K HDR (1,324.64 euros). Talking about a 55 inch LED tv supposes to fix ourselves in a television with big size. Not all economies will be interested or can host such a large TV, you can check our comparison of the best televisions where we tell you more.

Dimensions of 55 inch TVs

If a 32 inch full hd tv measures 82 centimeters, a 55 inch HD tv should have a size of approximately 121.8 centimeters.. The height of the 55" is 68.5 centimeters. A 65-inch TV already shoots up to 80.9 centimeters high, and 143.9 centimeters wide. If you're looking for something a little smaller because it doesn't fit in your living room furniture, find out what the best 43" TVs have to offer.

Where to place the 55" TV?

If we follow the recommendations of the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers), the minimum distance that we keep with our TV must be at least twice the width of the TV. In this case, 243.6 centimetres, almost two and a half metres should be between the home viewers and the 55 inch TV.

Don't forget to make the calculation before buying your device! The TVs have centralized the interest in the distribution of any space. You have to check the angle of vision, the threshold of standard pixelation, the resolution of the image. And of course, the dimensions of the place where the you put the 55 inch TV.

Which is the best screen?

Among the recommendations in this price guide, if you are looking for a cheap 55 inch tv, we find models with LCD technology such as the Panasonic TX-55FX780E - 55" Ultra TV or Led as the Sony KD-55XF9005 - 55" 4K HDR TV.

You may be wondering what the difference is between the two technologies, LCD and LED. Which is better? Well, we should start by explaining that LED TVs are basically LCDs, only that they use diode panels instead of LCD fluorescent light.

For this reason, LEDs are able to offer bright colors, good contrasts, absolute blacks -almosi-, and a wider viewing angle. Thanks to their light source, which occupies less size, LEDs screens are more refined in design (especially the so-called RGB Dynamic LED, whose light sources are distributed throughout the back of the screen), and more energy efficient, as they consume less.

These types of TVs don't deal well with knocks, so if you have to transport them, you have to treat them with affection. Any pressure could be bad to the liquid on the screen, leaving the device unusable.

Tips to improve the sound of your TV 55 inch

If audio is especially important to you, here are some recommendations to improve the sound of your device. Connecting to the nearest stereo, for example, is a practical option. Others are: magna.

  • The sound bars are used a lot, they are placed under the TVs and they can improve the bass a lot.
  • The Home Cinema system is more expensive, but its ability to wrap you up is sensorially irresistible.
  • The sound speakers for your computer can also be fine on your TV.

The functionalities of a 55 inch smart tv

Connecting your 55 inch 4k smart tv to the Internet is almost necessary. Nowadays, thanks to the wifi connections, our TV is added to the list of intelligent devices that you will surely have at home.

There are TVs that need an adapter -not included in the price- that you can connect to one of the USB ports. There are so many options that you can use your TV to start a video conference or video call (Skype), enjoy the interesting films and series of platforms such as Netflix or YouTube.

Although in all the models there are basic applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, for example, you will have to consult each application, as well as the catalogues of available contents.

Clean a TV

You already have your 55 inch smart TV at home. Have you thought about how to clean the screen, be it LED or LCD? You'll have to take it seriously if you don't want broke a pixel, or worse, your TV is damaged forever (these are two things that can happen if you're negligent in cleaning).

In addition to cleaning, it is essential to prevent damage. And how are these damages prevented? Not keeping still images on the screen for a long time (it can cause stains that will give the appearance of dirt), or not leaving your TV within reach of a source of natural and powerful light that damages the panels.

If the installation is made attached to a wall, try to leave a distance of 10 centimeters from it. When it comes to cleaning, the first thing to do is to turn off the appliance and disconnect it from any electrical source. Next, gently clean the circular screen using a dry, lint-free cloth. Please forget to use substances such as alcohol, benzene, ammonia, acetone or paint thinners or wood furniture cleaning liquids.

Best brand of TVs

Surely, if we think of all the brands of televisions and those that send in the market the best 4k TV quality price, a few companies will come to your mind. The latest televisions from Samsung, Panasonic and Sony are the best today, although there are other powerful brands like LG, Philips or Sharp.

LG, in its high-end televisions, include features as cool as voice recognition -called Control Magic-, while Samsung bets, among other things, on the immersion of the viewer: the amplitude of the field increases, and sensory as well. Panasonic TVs are good devices to watch films and series. The Panasonic TX-55FX780E is a good example.

Buy the best 55 inch TVs thanks to The Best 5

Samsung TV or LG, which is the best 55 inch 4k tv? The truth is that Samsung already has applications for smart tv like SmartThings that provide more protagonism to the TV of your home, since we are talking about an app that connects all the intelligent appliances we have.

A TV is very important in your house. For this reason, knowing the opinions of cheap 55 inch tv help you to choose the best TV for you. And that's where The Best 5 comes in.

In The Best 5, the smart comparison engine, we give you the results that you need when you are looking for the best 55" quality price TVs on the market. The technology of artificial intelligence and big data are the tools that our algorithm use to check all the reviews. Because surely you have better things to do than to study the market of smarts tv or the best 65 inch TVs. Many users already choose us as a price comparator for their purchases. What are you waiting for to be an intelligent consumer?

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