Crosstour Action Camera 4K 16MP Wifi Underwater

Crosstour Action Camera 4K 16MP Wifi Underwater


39.99 £


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The camera comes with all the necessary accessories to be able to record in any circumstance and doing all kinds of sports. Remote control to select its different modes of use. Wifi to control the camera from the mobile. It includes a waterproof cover and records videos in 4K quality. Competitive price.

The manufacturer has not included in the pack a selfie stick and a battery charger for long recordings. The camera does not have an image stabilizer for 4K video.

Crosstour Wifi Action Camera Full HD 1080P

Crosstour Wifi Action Camera Full HD 1080P


35.99 £


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One of the great advantages of this camera is its recording in Full HD 1080p, so you can get great images even underwater with the waterproof case. The camera comes with two batteries to take both on long excursions. It has Wi-Fi connection to connect to the mobile and an LCD screen. Some accessories included.

The connection with the mobiles by Wi-Fi is not very stable, in addition it consumes enough battery of the camera. The sound is of medium quality.

Victure 4K Action Camera 16MP WiFi Waterproof

Victure 4K Action Camera 16MP WiFi Waterproof


49.99 £


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16 MP sports camera with 4K video recording. Comes with accessories for different sports. The battery usually lasts a little more than 1 hour with recording. Wi-Fi to connect to the smartphone. It resists without problems to several meters of depth and its price is very good.

The camera does not have image stabilizer for 4k videos, although this feature usually increases the price much more.

ORSKEY Action Camera 1080P Wifi Underwater Cam

ORSKEY Action Camera 1080P Wifi Underwater Cam


27.99 £


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The ORSKEY camera comes with two rechargeable batteries and a large number of accessories that are usually sold separately. Its price is quite affordable, it can be a good option for people who have not tried a sports camera before or who do not want a professional or semi-professional level of recording.

Users recommend this camera for children, as their photos and recording in Full HD are of medium-low quality and can be connected to the mobile to see the photos.

Campark X30 4K Action Camera 20MP EIS

Campark X30 4K Action Camera 20MP EIS


79.99 £


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Unlike other cameras with 4K recording, this model of Campark has image stabilizer to get high quality videos. It has touch screen very easy to use and Wi-Fi connection. The Campark action camera comes with some accessories for different activities. The pack includes two batteries.

Although the camera has image stabilization and distortion correction, both functions cannot be used at the same time. The microphone does not offer a very good sound recording with the case to avoid water.

The best of the best

The best action cameras to record your sports activities

One of the best action cameras es nowadays an unavoidable accessory if you want to immortalize moments in the heat of action. The world of sports cameras was long led by the GoPro. It was able to conquer its potential consumers by proposing a type of powerful and compact cameras.


Buyers have chosen the 16 mp Crosstour action camera with 4K as the best on the market. This camera is capable of recording in several formats, including the two most used, 4K and 1080p. The 16 megapixel resolution and 6 layers of optical glass lens allow you to take great photos.

One of the most special features is the remote control of the camera, as you can operate the device with the small remote control included in the package. With this you will be able to make selfies in spectacular places without space limitations.

The camera comes with a housing so you can put it in the water up to about 30 meters. This hard case is quite resistant to shocks and does not allow water to enter anywhere.

On the other hand, the sports camera has a Wifi connection, so you can see the photos from your mobile thanks to the "iSmart DV" application. For a total experience, the package includes two batteries, several straps for different uses, and the controller we talked about earlier.

GoPro accessories will also fit this camera. This device sweeps Amazon, where it only has positive opinions about how it works. Users especially emphasize the large capacity of the battery, which resists for quite some time despite keeping the camera on without using it.

What features to take into account to choose the best action camera?

After the crazy success of the GoPro camera, many manufacturers have come up with their own proposals for action cameras. Underwater, small action cameras, ultra-compact...

The frequency of use should be decisive in your choice, if you use it every weekend it may be more appropriate to opt for a brand name camera, such as the action camera Xiaomi or Sony camera similar to GoPro, which will ensure optimal image definition and is robust enough to resist the activity you perform.

For the use of a sports cam in extreme conditions, whether water sport or not, fastening accessories and the strength of the case must be taken very seriously. The difference between a sports action camera of less than 50 euros and one of 500 euros, owes much to the lens that defines the quality of the image and video.

But many times, the price difference is not justified. A 400 euro action camcorder is not necessarily 4 times more than a 100 euro camera. Economical helmet cameras can be a good alternative if your budget is small.

In The Best 5, the smart comparison engine, we have created a price comparator for you to save hours and hours on the net looking for the best action camera deals. But that's not all, as we use artificial intelligence and big data to give you even more information.

By gathering information from comments and opinions about cheap action cameras to create a comparison of the best sports cameras on the market. So, just a click away you have at your disposal the best rated and the cheapest in different price ranges. All you have to do is choose the one that fits your budget and follow this shopping guide on action video cameras to find the one that suits you best.

There are several essential criteria to keep in mind if you want to make a good decision. If you are going to use it in full action you have to consider that it is resistant to blows and with a superior image quality.

The HD action camera must be adapted to the particular circumstances of each sports discipline. In this sense, the main selection criteria should be oriented towards image and sound quality, the ability to record images in low-light conditions, the screen, the image stabiliser, the strength of the housing, its technical performance (battery life, connectivity, WiFi, GPS...) as well as weight and size.

Quality/price ratio of sports cameras

In function of the selection criteria exposed in the previous point, you have to evaluate the relation quality/price, this is the process that more is going to compromise in the time your decision.

With our price comparator you will see which is the best action video camera quality price, keep in mind that there are many brands on the market in addition to the GoPro, such as the best Chinese sports video cameras and brands as popular as Xiaomi.

But we also find alternatives to the action cameras Wifi, the so-called 360 degree sports cameras. This type of camera not only sees what you see, but also allows you to record videos and take pictures of the environment around you.


Most manufacturers choose not to integrate a color screen, it is a matter of gaining a few grams and preserving autonomy. Most head cameras have a small black and white LCD screen to provide information about settings.

Therefore, a color screen is not a plus. Some manufacturers make external screens that you can fix on the side, they are usually quite more expensive and finally makes everything more bulky and heavy. Another solution is to download the application that some brands make available to their customers, on your tablet or smartphone. Make sure it's compatible.

The resolution

The main action cameras resolutions are HD 720p (1280 x 720 pixels), Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080), and Ultra HD 4K (3840 x 2160). HD 720p quality is on the verge of disappearing due to the lower prices of Full HD action camera 1080p, although the newest and best quality cameras are 4K but somewhat more expensive.

If you don't need very frequent use or in difficult lighting conditions, a Full HD should be enough. If this is not the case, opt directly for an action camera 4K. You can also find cameras with intermediate resolutions such as Tall HD (960p.) or 2K (2704 x 1520).

It is important that you check the resolution of the camera and its ratio fps or ips (number of images per second). The information can be misleading, announcing an image resolution in 4k but only 15 or 20 fps. The number of megapixels determines the quality of still shots, i.e. photos. It does not have a great influence on the quality of the videos.

But pay particular attention to the brand of the optical components, they will determine the quality of the image. A camera consists of a lens, a processor and a sensor (optical or digital), usually also a stabilizer.

What cheap sports camera to buy? In order to choose a good action camera the first thing you have to do is to define what you are going to do with it and how often you plan to use it. If you are going to use it 3 times a year you don't need a last generation GoPro of 500 euros.

The autonomy of sports cameras

TThis is an important criterion as most sports cameras do not allow many continuous minutes.

  • Some manufacturers propose complementary batteries, but remember to make sure they are compatible with the camera model you choose.
  • You should know that most of these cameras have a lightweight Li-Ion battery, for ease and convenience of transport.
  • As well as a variable number of milliamps, measured by mAH, the longer the battery life.

Photo and video mode

As for video, we can say that by default, almost all cameras shoot in Full HD 1920x1080. As a general rule, you will be able to change this recording format. The higher the resolution of the image, the better the quality, especially on a large screen.

In most cases it is also possible to increase the number of images per second (ips or fps) but keep in mind that this will affect the definition. Another point to evaluate is the image stabilizer or optical zoom.

The sound is not usually the strong point of this type of cameras, some models have a port to connect an external microphone. As far as photography is concerned, the vast majority of waterproof action cameras allow you to take single or burst photos, but the resolution, quality of the images and the number of images per second vary considerably from one model to another.

It is possible, with the bulk of action cameras, to take pictures at regular intervals (every 2, 30 or 60 seconds, for example) in order to create accelerated sequences, which is called time-lapses.

Sport cam resistance

Although designed for use in harsh environments, sports cameras are fragile devices. Some manufacturers claim that their best video cameras for sports are capable of withstanding a fall of 2 metres, or are suitable for submerging in water at depths of 10 metres. In practice, our advice is to be prudent. To film in the water the ideal is to opt for a model equipped with a waterproof housing.


All sports cameras are equipped with a USB port for transferring images to other devices. On the other hand, not all of them have HDMI output, which allows you to view the images on a television. Most action cameras come equipped with WiFi or Bluetooth, which mainly serves to link the camera to a smartphone that acts as a remote control, through an application.

In the case of some models of Wifi action cameras with GPS, you will be able to add to your images information such as the place and time where the sequence was captured, the speed of travel or altitude.

Accessories for action cameras

Most models are equipped with various brackets that allow the GoPro action camera to be installed on different surfaces or parts of the body (on the helmet of your hybrid bike, on the torso...).

There is also the option of additional fixing kits sold separately, as well as a range of other accessories such as the best automatic triggers, immersion housings, etc. Recognised brands offer their own range of fasteners, and you can also find manufacturers selling accessories compatible with different brands. It is important that, before buying your camera, you check that there are all the fasteners you need, either branded or compatible.

Buy the best action cameras thanks to The Best 5

More than once have you wasted your time searching dozens of websites for information about a product? Do you like to know the opinions of other buyers before buying anything online? In The Best 5, the smart comparison engine, it happened to us. Yes, in the past. And we have developed a unique algorithm capable of using artificial intelligence and big data, to do all that work for us.

How do you do it? Well, by tracking all the information available on the Internet about a product. We compare the action cameras reviews that hundreds of users have written on different websites.

Only in this way are we able to offer you the best comparison on sports cameras. We show you the best action cameras for quality price in our price comparator, so you know which are the best rated and where to buy them. What are you waiting for to be an intelligent consumer?

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