Brother DCP-L3510CDW A4 Colour Laser Printer, Wireless

Brother DCP-L3510CDW A4 Colour Laser Printer, Wireless


182.0 £


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Quality manufacturing materials and connectivity to print from the mobile or tablet by WiFi connection. Silent and with a high printing speed. It includes 4 large cartridges for printing from day one. Thanks to its keys and screen is very easy to operate.

The ink refills are not very cheap, you will have to spend a little more than you thought when you run out of ink to print.

HP Colour LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw Wireless

HP Colour LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw Wireless


223.28 £


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Color laser printer with the ability to print, scan and photocopy documents. One of its great advantages is its compact size and ease of use, also has WiFi connection to print without having to turn on the computer, just with your smartphone or tablet.

The printer can only scan from the side, it does not have another slot to scan documents. The touch screen included is a little uncomfortable.

Brother HL-L3210CW A4 Colour Laser Printer, Wireless

Brother HL-L3210CW A4 Colour Laser Printer, Wireless


156.86 £


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Very high printing speed, specifically up to 18 PPM. It has wireless connection to be able to print from the pc or the mobile through WiFi. This printer has a compact size and perfect for any home. The toners of gift have capacity to print 1000 pages. It has a tray for 250 folios.

The ink refills of this Brother printer are quite expensive, a nuance that can cause you to choose a different printer.

Samsung SL-C430 Colour Laser Printer - White

Samsung SL-C430 Colour Laser Printer - White


181.65 £


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It has many printing options for different documents. It has room to scan various paper sizes, so you don't have problems scanning any document. The image printing with this machine is of good quality. In addition its design is compact, for not very large areas.

The worst thing about this device is undoubtedly the printing speed, since it does not stand out for being very fast, it can be improved.

HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw Printer,White

HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw Printer,White


159.99 £


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Thanks to its WiFi connection you can print from your mobile in a few steps and you haven’t to turn on your computer. It has an automatic double-sided printing mode to save paper. The color printing of this device is quite good. It includes a color touch screen and supports any Ethernet network.

The color printing cost of this printer is quite high, so keep this in mind if you are going to print enough color pages or photographs.

The best of the best

Comparison with the best color laser printers

Today the price of color laser printers is more affordable than a few years ago and its use has become widespread not only for offices, but for home use.

First of all, what is a laser printer? A multifunction laser printer is a device that connects to a desktop or laptop computer and is used to make printed copies of what you see on the screen. The main difference between this type of laserjet printer and traditional inkjet printers is that they use a laser to print on paper, and also it uses a powder toner with which to create colors, much more durable than liquid ink cartridges.

In The Best 5, the smart comparison engine, we want to help you choose the best, and that you do not have to waste time and money searching through many websites until you find the right one. That's why we have developed an algorithm that uses artificial intelligence and big data to read in real time the opinions of multifunction laser printers that hundreds of real users leave on the network.

We can offer you a comparison with the best color laser printers in the market for quality price, according to the ratings of real users, as well as online stores where you can buy them at the best price thanks to the price comparator.

In addition, we want you to make informed choices, which is why we have developed this guide to buying color printers to explain their advantages over the best ink printers, as well as the aspects you have to look at to find the one that best suits what you need. Let's see them!

Types of colour laserjet printers

Whether it's for use at home or because you need one or more all in one laser printers or for the office, we can find two distinct types of cheap laser printers, depending on your type of connectivity.

  • Laser printer with wire: the main feature of this type of printers is that they have to be connected by a wire to a power outlet, while another wire is connected to the computer. It can be a USB port or use a shared network so that several can be connected at once, as is the case in offices.
  • Wireless laser printer: in this type of printers we will not need any type of wire, since they are connected to the computer via WiFi. In this case you can also connect several devices at the same time, as they only need an Internet connection.

Advantages of a laser printer

Laser printers a few years ago were beyond the purchase intention of home users, who only contemplated inkjet printers to make photocopies. But the market evolved, as expected. Brands were lowering prices, increasing quality and adding features.

You can choose between a mono laser printer if you are only going to use it to print texts, or a Brother colour laser printer. In both cases today it is possible to get one for a very good price, and enjoy at home a professional quality in the printed work. What are the advantages of a cheap color laser printer?

Print speed

Maybe it's his most remarkable feature. They print the page once and for all, as opposed to cheap inkjet printers, which have to advance line by line or by sector. That's why they're considered much faster in print jobs, some even print at 18 pages per minute when it comes to black-and-white.


Shhhhh, it's printed. Who has had a laser printer with scanner of the other type will value, and much, the discretion of this device when it is working, as the HP laserjet color printer or the Canon color laser printer, whose volume of noise while working is much lower than what we hear with inkjet printers.

How much does a multifunction laser printer?

Although toner is more expensive than ink cartridges, the data we care about is the total number of copies that a charge, or in other words, the price per copy, is going to give us.

If you do that count, even the best laserjet color printers wins. You must keep in mind that some printers consume a type of cartridges more expensive than others, so buy spare parts, if you make many copies of print, sometimes can be more expensive than the printer itself.

That's why, before you decide to buy one or another model of color laser printer, make sure that the toner refills are accessible and affordable, whose cost of cartridges is not too high by number of copies and, if possible, that the printer has a system to save toner for prints that do not require much quality.

Quality color laser printers

HP color laser printers, among other models, have a fixing system that prevents ink from smearing and provides a clean and very precise finish.

  • They are ideal for "fine" jobs, with much more detailed toner coverage.
  • Obviously getting these more professional finishes will cost you a little more money.
  • But without a doubt this fixing system is a feature that you should bear in mind if you need a higher quality print.

What should you know when you choose a laser printer with scanner?

The best color laser printers that you will find in the market are not only dedicated to photo printing, there are very few that only have the function of printing.

In addition to printing, HP multifunction printers on the market have the ability to scan and photocopy documents, so have a slightly larger size but at the same time avoid having to have several devices to do different tasks.

The features that you must analyze to buy a color laser printer are not very complicated to understand. First of all you must know the functions it offers, but to succeed in buying a cheap and good quality color laser printer you have to take into account several factors.


The old printers could only be connected to the computer, but now there are WiFi laser printers. This connection is very efficient, as it allows you to print directly from the phone or other devices without the printer having to be connected by Ethernet.

But the WiFi connection is not the only one that you can find in the new wireless color laser printers, the NFC connection for wireless communication at close range is available in certain printers. Or there are even devices with WiFi Direct, a connection that doesn't need an access point to be able to send files to the printer very quickly.

How to care for the wireless laser printer?

When buying a laser color printer you have to think about the price of the device and the expenditure you will make on ink cartridges. With the number of online stores that currently exist it is easier to find ink cartridges compatible with your printer at various prices, but it is always important to know their prices before buying the printer scanner.


Before you see if the hole next to the computer is enough to place your new color laser printer, keep in mind that these devices are a little large as they have room to scan, fax and print.

If you prefer a printer model that doesn't weigh much and you can move more, perhaps a portable laser printer is better for you. An important feature to know if you are going to get it right when you buy a printer with a perfect size for your home, check if the feed tray or the place where the paper goes out is on the front, left or right.

Pages per minute

Perhaps if you're buying a home printer, the number of pages per minute isn't as important to you, but if the color laser printer is for an office or business, you may need an efficient and fast device to print pages quickly.

You should also know that the speed of printing varies by various factors, such as the thickness of the paper, whether documents or photos are printed in color or black and white, and so on. The ISO standard governs the characteristics of almost all laser printers, so you don't have to choose between all the different variations that exist.

Resolution and added features

Don't forget to analyse the resolution of the printer, which should be a little higher if you're going to print photos. For text you only need a resolution of 600 dots per inch, you will have enough for your documents.

The features we've seen are the most important, but there are others you shouldn't forget like double-sided printing or printing on different types of paper.

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