Russell Hobbs RHM3002 30L Digital Combination Microwave

Russell Hobbs RHM3002 30L Digital Combination Microwave


138.97 £


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The microwave achieves a very good convection effect, also with its grill and oven function you can get very rich dishes. Thanks to its power has great ability to prepare food in a short time and is very easy to use. If you do not have an oven this microwave can meet your expectations.

The power cord of the Russell Hobbs microwave is a bit short. The grill included in the appliance is a bit delicate and the exterior of the microwave is a bit dirty, the finger marks are quite noticeable.

Samsung MC28H5013AS/EU Combination Microwave, 28 Litre, Silver

Samsung MC28H5013AS/EU Combination Microwave, 28 Litre, Silver


139.0 £


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It works almost like a traditional large oven, with the difference that it's more comfortable to use and smaller. Interior made of ceramic enamel very easy to clean. Eco mode and fermentation function included.

The microwave defrosting speed is quite limited and the automatic reheat function is difficult to set up.

Russell Hobbs RHM2031 20L Digital 800w Grill

Russell Hobbs RHM2031 20L Digital 800w Grill


60.0 £


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800 W power for faster cooking. Choose from 11 different power levels for cooking different dishes, plus defrost function. The ECO function allows you to save energy at the touch of a button when waiting. The outer material is sturdy and made of stainless steel.

The swivel ring for the plate is very light and usually leaves the central connection quite a few times. Understanding how it works is difficult the first few days of use.

Sharp R959SLMAA Combination Microwave, 40 Litre, 900

Sharp R959SLMAA Combination Microwave, 40 Litre, 900


229.0 £


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With this microwave you will be able to cook tasty dishes and defrost food in a very short time. It is very large, has a capacity of 40 liters and a power of 900 W. The handling of this microwave is very simple and has 5 power controls, 8 less automatic cooking and a screen to see the time.

The alarm that warns of the end of cooking is not heard much, you will have to check at all times if the dish is ready. Its price is quite high, especially if we compare it with the rest of the microwave combi comparison.

Panasonic NN-CF778SBPQ Family Size Combination Microwave Oven,

Panasonic NN-CF778SBPQ Family Size Combination Microwave Oven,


329.0 £


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The microwave stays quite clean despite using it many times. The door and exterior materials are very resistant. The turbo mode is very effective for heating food in a short time. Timer that can reach 1 hour and 30 minutes, only 30 minutes if you activate the high power mode.

The microwave stays quite clean despite using it many times. The door and exterior materials are very resistant. The turbo mode is very effective for heating food in a short time. Timer that can reach 1 hour and 30 minutes, only 30 minutes if you activate the high power mode.

The best of the best

How to choose the best combi microwaves?

If you have a combi microwave at home, it is hard for you to imagine the life today without this very useful appliance. And not only that: with all the types of microwaves on the market, the question is: is there anything you don't know how to do?

With the microwave and oven combo we save time, whether to heat, defrost or even cook any type of dish. In The Best 5, the smart comparison engine, we also want you to save time in your online searches and purchases.

That's why we've developed an algorithm that uses artificial intelligence and big data to perform this heavy task for you. And this technology is able to read in real time the opinions on oven and microwaves that hundreds of users have left on the Internet.

In this way we can offer you a comparison with the best wall oven microwave combo, as well as online stores where you can get them at the best price thanks to our price comparator.

In this shopping guide we are going to focus on combi microwaves, although there are also different types such as grill microwave oven, steam function and convection microwave ovens that you can find in other comparatives of The Best 5.

What to look for when buying a microwave oven combo?

Depending on the brand and model the features of the integrated oven and microwave will vary more or less features, but we will mention some of the most important and shared almost all of them, so you know what to take into account when buying the best built in combination microwaves.

Design of microwave combination oven

We find two main designs or types of microwaves, the wall microwave or the standar that it designed to be placed on a table of the kitchen. We can find these types of combi oven in Amazon, and we must look at the height, width and depth to choose the one that fits the available space we have in the kitchen.

The wall oven with microwaves have better designs, are more powerful and have greater functionalities to cook, although they are more expensive. The microwave worktops are cheaper and more practical, and we can also find more sizes than the previous ones.

Power and levels

The power of the microwave combination oven explain how quickly you can perform your most basic functions: heating and defrosting. The higher the power, even cheap combi microwaves will be able to heat or defrost colder foods faster.

Power levels are important for versatility. It's possible that sometimes you need maximum power to heat a piece of meat and other times you have to heat a sauce. We can find a microwave power of between 700 and 1,500 W, but it isn’t recommended to buy more power than you need.

If you live alone or don't cook a lot with the wall oven and microwave and just want it to heat food, more than a thousand watts will be a mistake and a waste of energy.

Remember that energy consumption is measured in KW/h. To measure the monthly energy consumption, for example of an 800 W microwave, you will have to multiply the number of days of the month (30) by the average hours you use each day (let's say one), and by the KW hours (in this case by 0.8). This way it will give us that the monthly expense of energy that consumes a microwave.

Capacity of the best microwave

If you have small dishes at home, you don't need the capacity of the Panasonic combination microwave. Is is so large because they will surely fit and spin without tripping over the walls.

  • The capacity of a microwave is measured in liters, and we find them from 17 to 40 liters.
  • You can analyze the capacity and the size. Although they can vary a few centimetres, the average is half a metre wide and 30 centimetres high.
  • Where to place the convection microwave oven? The smaller it is, the easier it will be for you to find a hole in a bench.

Oven and microwave timer

For heating or defrosting, a good timer is not especially important. The typical Bosch microwave ovens can be used more and more to do everything, and sometimes that you can use these oven with microwave more than half an hour.

Timers can go up to the hour even longer. If you plan to use your Panasonic combi microwave for a long time to cook stews or other dishes, make sure it has enough timer.

Microwave cleaning

Once upon a time Balay's first microwave ovens were a bit special in terms of their cleanliness. You had to be very careful where you wiped the cloth, what elements to clean and how to dry them.

Fortunately, clean a microwave convection combo is now easier, as almost all models include a protective coated layer that you can clean with a simple pass of the cloth.

In addition, although they are manufactured in different materials, almost all microwaves that you can buy are of stainless. This material is widely used for the resistance to corrosion.

Configurations of the best combi microwaves

Among the best microwaves are those that have the keep warm function. It is a technology that maintains the temperature once the timer has finished, this way it will stay warm for longer in the microwave and waiting for you to take it out.

Another feature is the pre-programmed settings. Some high-end microwave ovens have quick buttons which, when pressed, allow you to select the cooking of different types of food without having to select the power and time manually.

Types of combi microwaves

You already know the most basic aspects of the integrable and simple microwave ovens; now we show you the different types, and how they differ from each other.

  • Simple microwave ovens: These are the microwave that do not include any special features. They are used to defrost and to heat, although they also cook.
  • Combi microwave oven and grill: This type of microwave has a grill incorporated in the upper part that is able to roast or brown. Some are even used for cooking.
  • The best microwave ovens with steam function: These microwaves have a small kettle for heating the water that is introduced when preparing the food and injecting the steam on them, so that they are cooked by steam. The microwave ovens are perfect for lover of steam dishes. Remember that foods prepared in this way retain their properties and vitamins better.
  • Microwave convection oven combo: they have so much power to be able to behave like an oven. The convection microwave oven have a system that it produce heat and air and distributing everything over the food. In microwave convection ovens you can prepare bread, muffins, pizzas ...

How are combi microwave used?

The microwave have become one of the more important household appliances of our day to day. We have already explained that there are some top-of-the-range models with pre-programmed functions, although it will always be better to read the instructions and recipes in the microwave to ensure that each dish is tasty.

First of all you must place the microwave oven combo in the space that you choose. This place should have space for the microwave to ventilate. If it is a microwave with a plate, place it in the place, being careful not to damage it, since it is made of glass.

In the case that it is a microwave with touch screen in the instructions you will find the steps you must follow to complete the configuration. It is convenient that you read all the functionalities.

You'll find a way to defrost, another to grill, another to fry without oil and even to ferment yogurts and make bread. Remember that to extend the useful life of your microwave you must always keep it clean after each use.

If you haven't used a protective lid, the fat or sauce may have stuck to the inside of the microwave. To clean a microwave just remove the dish and clean it, and with a cloth moistened with water and lemon wipe the remains of food inside. 

Buy the best combi microwave thanks to The Best 5

Well, you've seen each type and what you need to know about them. Now it's time to choose the model. Which microwave do you want? In The Best 5, the smart comparison engine, we want to help you in your choice.

To help you we have developed an algorithm based on artificial intelligence, which shows you the 5 best combi microwaves of each type, according to the comments and opinions of combi microwaves thousands of users in UK. You haven’t to find all the opinions on the Internet. We bring you the best microwaves of all kinds just a click away. What are you waiting for to be an intelligent consumer?

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