ORSKEY Dash Cam 1080P Full HD Car

ORSKEY Dash Cam 1080P Full HD Car


29.99 £


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Despite the low price of this camera, the image quality is quite good and captures all the details. Thanks to the wide angle wide-angle lens you can record everything that happens on the road. You won't have any trouble installing the camera in the dashboard of your car. It's not hard to set up. Night recording and motion detection.

The cable is a little short, you will have to be careful when installing the camera. There is no SD card next to the camera to store the videos, you will have to buy it. The car camera comes without manual, a negative point to be able to configure the different functions.

Upgraded Dash Cam Car Camera 1080P FHD

Upgraded Dash Cam Car Camera 1080P FHD


29.98 £


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Video recording at 1080p is one of the great advantages of this camera, which manages to save videos with sharpness and not at all blurry. Record videos on the road in 3-minute increments, so it's easier to export them to the computer and sort the videos. Installing the dashboard camera is easy thanks to the long cable.

The instructions are deficient and difficult to understand, they are not well translated. To store the videos you will have to buy an SD card.

ORSKEY Dash Cam Front and Rear 1080P

ORSKEY Dash Cam Front and Rear 1080P


36.99 £


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The camera is made of high quality materials and is easy to install and the instructions are clear and easy to understand. Two cameras are included in the pack, one for the front of the car and one for the rear. Both cameras record good images.

The rear camera is more difficult to install, it is not similar to the front camera. The radio may be interfered with by the camera connections.

Nextbase 312GW - Full 1080p HD In-Car

Nextbase 312GW - Full 1080p HD In-Car


72.95 £


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Car camera with screen and 140 degree viewing angle. Full HD 1080p video recording and built-in GPS. The installation of the camera in the car is very easy and the image quality is very good both night and day. The fixings to the glass are good and the device is not very large.

The battery is not very durable, the best thing is to always keep the camera plugged in. To download the videos you should use the computer, the connection with the mobile via Wi-Fi is a little deficient.

Dash Cams For Cars Front and Rear

Dash Cams For Cars Front and Rear


39.99 £


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Recording in Full HD 1080p. The front camera has a viewing angle of 170 degrees and the rear 130 degrees. Thanks to the screen you will be able to see the images shortly after being recorded. Sharp night vision. It has a G sensor for knocks and loop recording. Quite low price.

The playback of the rear camera is mirror effect and does not have as much image quality as the front camera. Although you must connect the camera to the pc to download the images, the device does not come with a USB cable.

The best of the best

Buying guide of the best dash cams to record your car trips

Being involved in an accident is never a very advisable situation, because even if you're not to blame you may have some kind of mess with the person you've crashed into. To avoid possible problems, in recent years the best dash cams have become very popular in order to prove what has happened in an incident.


In general there are many doubts to buy a dash cam for the first time, so taking into account the opinion of other people is important. In this case, users have chosen the Orskey 1080p Full HD Dash Cam as the best to install on their car's dashboard. As you can see, this car camera records with a resolution of 1080 p and Full HD quality, so you can record all the details and license plates to prove what happened in an accident.

With the 3 inch screen you can see in real time everything that happens on the road, but always remember that you have to have all 5 senses on the wheel. To operate in the dark, the camera includes 6 LED infrared lights and WDR technology, so you can even get good images in low-light areas.

The camera's wide-angle lens is capable of recording at 170 degrees, combining the Sony sensor and 6 glass lenses. One of the special features of this dash cam is the automatic saving of recordings with images of sudden movements.

The camera includes a G sensor that activates this automatic saving so that these video parts are not erased. It uses an SD card to record all the videos. If you analyze the opinions of the users you will be more eager to buy this camera, as most people comment on the great night recording capacity of the camera and the quality of the videos it records in the car.

What is a dash cam?

Being involved in an accident is never a very advisable situation, because even if you're not to blame you may have some kind of mess with the person you've crashed into. To avoid possible problems, in recent years the best dash cams have become very popular in order to prove what has happened in an incident. Car cameras can store the possible accidents that can happen to you on the road.

They have already saved more than one person who some scammers wanted to defraud by trying to cause an accident to become the victim. As you can see, having a dashboard camera in the car is not a bad idea.

In The Best 5, the smart comparison engine, we want to help you take home a good quality dashcam. That's why we've put together the best dash cams on the market in the price comparator above so you can choose from one of the most purchased. We use our own algorithm, which through artificial intelligence and big data performs an investigation of all dash cams reviews.

With this analysis you get only the best models of the whole Internet. So that you can choose with criteria, in this comparison of dash cams we will see all the important factors to buy a car camera.

Dash cams are specifically small video cameras that are usually placed on the dashboard of the car to record what happens on the road. Policemen use them in all their vehicles, but more and more individuals use them more and more car dash cams to record any accident that may occur.

The best dash cams for car are easy to install and simple to operate. Most models are connected to the car's cigarette lighter, so they enter the car's electrical circuit and know when the vehicle is on. They constantly record and have an SD card slot.

Camera quality

A front and rear dash cam records the road to avoid problems with accidents. For this reason it is important to know the quality of the camera. The resolution is the most important feature in this section, because the more megapixels the better the recording.

A good dash cam of 1080p resolution will be more than enough. On the road you have to have a global view of everything, because you never know where the danger may come from. Well with the car video camera the same thing happens, if you have a wide field of vision will be able to record more areas of the road.

Currently there are no standard measures, so try to know the specific characteristics of the camera. On the other hand, to choose a small dash cam is also key to know the frames per second. Dashcams are not big cameras like bridge cameras, but basically you should buy a model with 30 FPS. This amount of frames per second records good quality videos.

Don't forget the night vision, as at night there are more problems on the road due to lack of vision. If you usually take the car a lot in the dark you should buy a night vision dash cam, you can solve some problem or other to know what happened in an accident.


In the market of dash cams you will find two fastening systems, the classic suction cup that sticks to the glass and the adhesive. The suction cup is used to mount the camera on the glass moon and the adhesive is more oriented to place the camera glued to the dashboard.

If you have a GPS in one of these two areas, ideally the dash cam pro should not be placed in the same place. With the suction cup you won't have any problems if you want to remove or move the camera, because just cleaning the glass will remove the mark.

The adhesive or sticker is a little more complete, you must stick it well to the first not to spoil the glue and leaves a mark difficult to clean if you want to uninstall the camera.


To have the control of the HD dash cam with the mobile phone can be very useful to review recordings instantly or to be able to erase videos without having to take the device home to connect it to the pc.

Also controlling all the functions from the small screen of the dual dash cam is more complicated than doing it from the mobile. Mainly you will find cameras with Bluetooth or Wifi connection like some compact cameras, although the difference between the two is not very wide in this case.

If the wireless dash cam has Internet connectivity through the mobile, the dashcam system can store the recordings in the cloud to view them on the computer.

Video storage and protection

Storage will almost never be a problem with these cameras, as you will choose how much memory you need. The auto dash cams have an SD card slot, although some models have about 4 or 6 GB of internal memory. We recommend a 64 GB SD card, as videos with files take up a lot of space.

Beware of loop recordings, an extra point that is very useful but may turn against you at some point. You may want to watch a recording from a few weeks ago, but with the new trips you've made in the car these videos have been removed for new recording.

Some of the best dashboard cameras include an anti-elimination protection function, a system that prevents the deletion of videos according to the criteria of the camera's G sensor. If there is a sudden movement in the car, the device notices it and does not remove that stretch of film.

Extra functions

To the main functions that must have a dashcam, certain models have other extra features to get more concrete data.

  • GPS: many cameras have a location and speed system to store data that you may need in a dubious accident.
  • Sound recording: the most important thing for a dashcam is to record video, but in certain cases the sound can also capture conversations that solve a dispute.
  • Driver monitor: recording the road is the main function of dashcams, but some also have another camera to record the interior, very useful for taxis or Uber cars.

Battery and display

Finally you should also check the size of the screen of the dashcam GPS, a not very important part if you plan to manage it from the mobile. A lot of models of car cameras have a touch screen to configure the functions. This screen does not usually have more than 2 or 3 inches and is LCD.

Earlier we talked about that cameras are usually connected to the car to work and know when to start the car. Because of this you won't have to worry about charging the camera or be careful not to turn it off while driving. Some cameras also have an internal battery to record when the car is stopped.

Rules use of the dash cam

The use of the car camera recorder for about 10 years has caused some people to complain about the recordings without permission they can make. Nowadays they are very common in police cars and among the population. We have already discussed the possible places to put the dashcam, but if you still have doubts we will help you choose the right place in your car.

Are car dash cameras legal?

To this question we can answer with a resounding yes. In Europe their use has spread and they are allowed in countries like France, Russia or United Kingdom. Despite the doubts about privacy, after all cheap dash cams are made to avoid deception and lies in events that occurred on the road.

As we have commented, police departments in a large number of countries use dashcams to possess evidence of persecution and possible conflicts that may arise in routine checks. A large number of models are activated with the siren of the Police.

Where is the best place to put a dash cam?

When you buy dash cam you have two options to place it in the car. First you can stick it on the front window of the car thanks to the suction cup we talked about earlier. This way the camera will look like the other way around, so make sure you put it in the right position so that the screen is well oriented for you.

With the sticker you can put it on the dashboard, you decide which format you prefer. It's best not to saturate your dashboard with your mobile phone, GPS and dash cam. These can be too many distraction lights to drive.

Buy the best dash cams thanks to The Best 5

If you are looking for the best dash cam to buy for have more security in your car, in The Best 5, the smart comparison engine, we have done the work for you so that you do not go crazy looking for all the sites. In the price comparator above you can see the best dash cams on the market and at an ideal price.

Our algorithm, created with artificial intelligence and big data, has the ability to analyze all dash cams reviews and shows in the comparator only the most recommended by users. And you, what are you waiting for to become an intelligent consumer?

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