WiFi enabled Complete set of Dell OptiPlex

WiFi enabled Complete set of Dell OptiPlex


61.95 £


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Small computer tower with keyboard, mouse and 17-inch screen included. The pack is quite cheap and if you need a computer for basic tasks you probably won't find anything cheaper. The pc has Windows 10 installed, 4 GB of RAM and Intel Dual COre operating system.

The computer needs a network adapter or connect directly to the network by cable, it does not have Wi-Fi. Despite this, the pc comes with a USB network adapter. It does not have SSD hard drive and the HHD is low memory. Reconditioned product. The operating system is one of the most basic of Intel.

HP Elite 8300 SFF Quad Core i5-3470

HP Elite 8300 SFF Quad Core i5-3470


185.0 £


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The 256 GB SSD hard drive is the best feature of this HP Elite computer. In addition it has a good capacity RAM with 8 GB. Fast Intel Core i5 processor with quad core and Windows 10 installed. The pc comes with a Wi-Fi USB adapter so you can connect your computer to the Internet without cables.

It is a reconditioned product and may have some flaws in the design, but the pc includes a good quality antivirus.

HP Elite 8300 SFF Quad Core i5-3470

HP Elite 8300 SFF Quad Core i5-3470


129.95 £


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This computer is small in size and you can install it without many problems even if you have little space. It has a RAM of 8 GB to get a good performance and Windows 10 installed. The Intel Core i5 processor increases the benefits of this pc, which is fast.

The great disadvantage of this computer is its HDD hard drive, which despite having 1 TB does not get the same speed in multiprocesses and to turn on the computer than a hard drive SSD. It is a reconditioned product, may have some flaw in the exterior design.

Dell OptiPlex 7010 SFF 3rd Gen Quad

Dell OptiPlex 7010 SFF 3rd Gen Quad


120.9 £


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The materials of construction of the pc are resistant and its frontal design is perfect. In the back and front the pc includes many USB ports, even some USB 3.0. Windows 10 pre-installed for free. Intel Core i5 operating system, one of the most complete on the market. Small size.

The HDD 250 GB may be a little scarce to store everything you need, plus it is not as fast as the SSD hard drive. You'll need to make some long updates when you turn on your PC for the first time. Reconditioned product. This desktop pc does not support very complicated tasks and games with good graphics.

WiFi enabled Windows 10 Dell Optiplex Desktop

WiFi enabled Windows 10 Dell Optiplex Desktop


54.95 £


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Very cheap computer with a compact format. It has Windows 10 and a CD and DVD player. If you only need the pc for office work or for your young child can do homework and surf the Internet, this desktop computer is a good option for not spending a lot of money.

This Dell computer does not stand out in almost anything, it is a very simple pc for simple tasks, it only has a hard disk HDD of 160 GB and a small RAM of 4 GB. Do not expect that this Dell desktop computer can be used for basic games or to make videos.

The best of the best

Comparison of the best desktop PCs for work or home

Scalable, rugged, and sometimes cheaper than laptops, desktops still live. For a long time there was the certainty that the best desktop PCs would be completely replaced by laptops.


Being able to acquire the screen, keyboard, mouse and tower in a single purchase is more convenient and quicker. This possibility is offered by the best computer consumers have chosen, the Dell OptiPlex Dual Core desktop computer. Besides, the price will catch your attention.

This Dell pc is not a computer of great capacity, but if you look for a computer to surf the Internet, to make tasks of office automation or if you want that your sons begin to handle a computer, this pc Dell is perfect. It has an Intel Dual Core processor, which responds with speed.

On the other hand, the Dell desktop PCs has 4 GB of RAM and a 160 GB HDD hard drive to store your files. But the most surprising thing is that the tower included a 17-inch screen, a keyboard, a mouse and a wireless USB network adapter to use the home Wifi with the pc. On top of all this, the desktop PC has Windows 10 installed so you don't have to buy the license.

The users who have tried the pc emphasize that this Dell computer is a basic model, ideal for simple tasks. But what stands out is the price, which despite including the screen and peripherals is very cheap.

Why buy a desktop computer?

Few people can live without a computer. Some use it to work. Others, for their leisure time. In this post we are going to talk about desktop computers, mostly used by the first group, those who have it to work. Not in vain, they are computers that tend to be more powerful than the best laptops. In The Best 5, the smart comparison engine, we want to make searching and shopping online much easier and faster.

That is why we have developed a technology that uses big data and artificial intelligence to read for you on hundreds of websites the desktop computer reviews. In this way we can make a comparison with the best desktop computers according to price quality, distinguished in different price ranges so you can choose the best valued based on your budget thanks to the price comparator.

Also, in this buying guide we will see the criteria to take into account to choose a cheap computer, which will depend largely on the use you are going to make of it. The world of computers has diversified incredibly in recent years.

There are tiny computers like Sticks-PC, mini-PC, tablets, hybrids with 360º tilting screens, ultra-thin laptops.... However, not all of these computers fully meet the definition of what a computer is: a machine that you can easily repair and adapt to frenetic changes in hardware and software.

But since we don't all have the time to set up our own computer, this guide is intended to point you to the elements you need to consider when buying a ready-to-use home computer.

  • Office and Internet: We'd be talking about a basic computer. You will use your machine for word processing, editing documents and surfing the web mainly. You can also use it to listen to music, watch videos... These uses do not demand an exceptional performance.
  • Multimedia: video games and photo editing If you want to make video montages or you need it for photo editing, you will have to choose a slightly more powerful configuration in order to have a smooth and satisfactory execution of tasks. Video editing or photo editing software requires good quality processors and sufficient RAM and physical memory. If you're a video game lover, don't hesitate to choose a high-end configuration from the start. The processor and the graphics card must be powerful, and as a complement you will want one of the best monitors for gaming in the market with which to get a total immersion in the game.

Which desktop to buy? - Components

If you have made the decision to buy one it is convenient that you look at the following parameters before taking the step. They will determine its price and if it is the perfect pc computer for you because as in everything, there are many different models and you don't have to pay for something you won't need.

The computer CPU

The market is divided between 2 large manufacturers: Intel and AMD, currently we can find processors with up to 8 cores, although for most everyday uses, a dual-core processor is usually enough. Processors are complicated to replace, if you are not an expert in assembling desktop towers, it is important that you choose a powerful processor from the beginning.

As with laptops, the processor is the main indicator of a computer's power. i3, i5 or i7? These are the three most common types of processors, and you'll have to choose depending on how you're going to use your PC:

  • Punctual leisure, low-demand programs, few processes at the same time: i3.
  • Regular use, office automation and several simultaneous processes: i5.
  • Regular use, demanding games and programs: without a doubt you need an i7 desktop computer.

The i3 are cheaper than the i5, and these in turn are cheaper than the cheap i7 Windows desktop computers. The processor isn't the only thing you should be looking at, but it is the most important thing. Let's see more.

What is RAM?

During information processing, the computer stores the data in RAM. Unlike the hard disk, this is not a store that can be managed by the user, it is a temporary buffer that stores the available data that will be required by the system.

What we were commenting before the simultaneous processes is mainly determined by this memory, or memory of the processor. When we run a program, it consumes a certain memory. If we run eight programs, the consumption will be higher.

There is a limit for the new desktop computer to continue responding, and that limit is given by the RAM memory. It can be 4 gb, 8 gb, 16 gb... Whatever you choose, it is interesting that your HP desktop can incorporate extra blocks to expand it in the future if you require it.

The hard disk

Hard drives are no longer what they used to be, and we don't say that for the worse. Quite the opposite: until a few years ago the best disk was the one with the most capacity, but now there are the so-called SSD disks, which besides storing will allow you to start your small desktop pc in a spectacular way.

If the cheap desktop pc you buy have these disks you will discover a new world in terms of boot speed: guaranteed. The hard drive is responsible for storing user data, applications and files.

Today's hard drives offer very high storage capacities, even when it comes to basic computers. The price of this element has decreased much in recent years, normal configurations today, offer between 1 or 2 TB, to give you an idea, in 500 MG you can store up to 500 photos. As no computer is impregnable, it is convenient to make periodic backups on external hard drives or DVD.

Choosing a good desktop computer is like choosing a car, it doesn't make sense to buy an all-terrain vehicle to drive in a city. Not everyone needs the same computer but in all cases you have to make sure that its components (graphics card, hard drive, processor, RAM ...) are suitable for the use you will give it.

Weight and size

In an inevitable comparison with laptops, desktop PCs lose out in this field.

  • They are not portable, but are bought, fixed in place and used from there.
  • The downside is obvious, but the advantage of higher performance at a lower price makes up for it.
  • So, do you know where you're going to put the computer? If you have the site watching and controlled, watch that the measures of the tower are not exceeded and ready.

The graphics card

In another comparison we have already talked about the best graphics cards for pc, that device that serves to display images and videos on screen. As we said, your graphics card will have to be better the more design programs you use.

To be able to play today's videogames you have to make sure that your computer tower has a powerful card that guarantees a fluid flow of images in the most demanding 3D games. If you are a gamer and are looking for a gaming desktop computer that allows you to enjoy all the quality of the games, look for one whose graphics card, integrated or not, will respond well. Not less than 2 gb and if it can be more, much better.

It is preferable to choose a dedicated video memory graphics card instead of shared memory. In the first case the RAM will remain intact while in the second case the screen will need RAM resources. Not only is the memory capacity of the RAM card important, the model is also decisive.

Desktop connectivity

Don't kid yourself, we never have enough USB ports. Verify that there are enough to connect various peripherals (printers, scanners ...) Look also at the video outputs, if you plan to connect your computer to an HD screen, you will need an HDMI.

Connectivity is also important, although if the model you choose is an Media Markt desktop computer from the last few years you won't have a problem, as they all have USB 3.0 and HDMI connections, so that you can connect them to the most popular electronic devices.

Desktop computer price

Whether we like it or not, there is a direct correlation between the budget we must allocate to the purchase of a computer and the use we are going to give it. If the prices of a desktop computer cover a range between 200 and 5000 euros, it is because you do not expect the same performance of one machine than another.

You can't expect to enjoy the latest 4k games with a 300 euro computer. Defining your needs will help you determine the minimum budget you have to allocate to your purchase.

The peripherals of desktop computers

We include it in a separate point because it is, worth the redundancy, a world apart. With peripherals we are referring to computer screens or monitors, keyboard, mouse, printers, speakers…

When you buy desktop computer, depending on where you do it and the model you choose, you will be included more or less peripherals. If not, you'll have to get hold of them independently. Except for the monitor, which is a little bit more expensive than the rest of the elements, you will have no problem complementing your home PC with the best in the market at an affordable price.

Space-saving solutions

With their bulky towers, desktops tend to take up too much space. Today, there are certain desktops that have thin, compact towers that are more discreet than conventional towers. Mini desktop pc, sold without a monitor, keyboard or mouse, are also becoming more common.

All-in-one computers are another solution to minimize the space problem. Following the introduction of the Apple iMac, several computer manufacturers have launched computers with all their components (processor, hard drives, players, graphics card, etc.) integrated into the screen.

In addition to saving space, connectivity is simplified. Some of these computers are equipped with touch screens. You have to keep in mind that most of these all-in-one computers are suitable for normal use, their performance is rarely sufficient for more demanding applications.

Buy the best desktop PCs thanks to The Best 5

Okay, you've come this far and now you know what the pc you need and what it doesn't need and that, of course, is not a second-hand desktop computer. Until now, you used to go to Amazon or other websites that showed comparisons to choose the model that best suited you.

You compared with each other, read dozens of comments and you thought and rethought ... And it is that clear: it is a disbursement of which we must be sure that we want to do, which is no small thing. In today's scenario, that endless search, endless doubts and hours and hours after the perfect decision are over. It's no longer necessary, since we wanted to do the dirty work for you.

How do you stay if we tell you that we can take you to the best desktop computers in quality / price of the market? And if what you're looking for is the cheapest desktop computers we can also put a cable? We are The Best 5, the  smart comparison engine, and with our algorithm, based on artificial intelligence and big data, we explore and analyze daily thousands of desktop computers reviews to bring you closer to the only intelligent comparison of the Internet, which you can find updated in real time, just a click away. What are you waiting for to be an intelligent consumer?

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