White Knight FF225H 223L 50/50 Freestanding Combi

White Knight FF225H 223L 50/50 Freestanding Combi


290.98 £


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This refrigerator produces almost no noise when running, an important feature if the kitchen is close to the main salon. The materials of manufacture are solid and resistant. It consumes less energy than other appliances thanks to its A+ class. It does not produce much frost.

The size of the refrigerator is very good, although for certain users it may be unusual to have the same space for freezing and cooling, as less food is frozen.

HOOVER HSC574W 55cm Wide x 175cm Tall

HOOVER HSC574W 55cm Wide x 175cm Tall


229.0 £


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It has up to 4 shelves in the freezer part and a special shelf in the fridge for bottles. It has the A+ certificate of energy efficiency, so you will spend less energy to operate. The capacity of the refrigerator is a little higher thanks to the door shelves. Low noise level.

The freezer produces a lot of frost and can wet unpackaged food.

Fridgemaster MC50165S 144x50cm 112L Freestanding Fridge Freezer

Fridgemaster MC50165S 144x50cm 112L Freestanding Fridge Freezer


219.0 £


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The refrigerator is quite cheaply priced, as it offers good performance and even reaches the A+ level of energy efficiency. It has well distributed shelves to be able to have the most ordered food. Modern design and capacity for 165 liters.

The accessories that the refrigerator has to place food are made of flimsy plastic. You will have to be more careful with these accessories. Manual ice cleaning.

Cookology UCFF87BK 47cm Freestanding Undercounter 2 Door

Cookology UCFF87BK 47cm Freestanding Undercounter 2 Door


100.0 £


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Refrigerator of small size and perfect for small floors or for rooms of house that need a small minibar. Energy class A+. Despite its small size, this refrigerator has a hole in the top that works as a freezer with more cold. It is 47 cm high.

This refrigerator is a bit expensive for the size it is, as it has a lot less space than a large refrigerator.

Beko CFG1582DW A+ Frost Free Fridge Freezer

Beko CFG1582DW A+ Frost Free Fridge Freezer


289.0 £


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Refrigerator of energy class A+ and with the great characteristic of having a dispenser of cold water to be able to drink in summer. It has a very large size, the refrigerator has capacity for 170 liters and the freezer 121 liters. It has spacious shelves for bottles and plenty of food.

The price of this Beko appliance is a bit high, although you have to pay for the quality and reliability of the brand.

The best of the best

Comparison of the best fridge freezers on the market

You're reading this because you need to buy a fridge. Whether your previous fridge has stopped working or you want to renew your fridge, the fact is that you want to buy one of the best fridge freezers.

All right, we'll help you. You know that the recommendations of The Best 5, the smart comparison engine, help you to make the best decision and find the best fridge freezers on the market. We don't want to impress you before we start, but keep in mind that we are talking about the most important device in the house.

Do you doubt it? The times that the door opens and closes, the times that you go to the refrigerator to get something to drink, or because you want to see what there is and inspire yourself to cook something, or to make the shopping list. You can choose the best fridge thanks to our price comparator. Ready to start the search? Here we go! 

What is a fridge freeze and what do you need to know before buying one?

Double fridge freezers are the most bought of the market today. Refrigerators that have a single door and a small freezer inside have been left behind, because most users demand more space for freezers. The combi has a fridge and freezer with independent doors, they are more larger than those of a door and less bulky than the American fridges that we are beginning to see in our kitchens.

Integrated fridge freezer dimensions

The first thing is to go to the toolbox and take the ruler. You have to be clear about the available space (height, width, depth), that will make you discard many options Bosch upright freezers or Balay large fridge freezers.

A freezer measures 197 and 180 centimetres high, 60 centimetres wide and about 66 centimetres deep. The measurements are not standard, but there are no great variations between the models. Even so, it measures. Sometimes a centimeter makes the difference.

Volume or capacity of the best combi refrigerators

Or to put it another way, what is your useful capacity. The standard for a fridge freezer is 187 litres for the refrigerator part and 68 for the freezer part. Your shopping routine is very important here, because it is not the same if you go to the supermarket almost every day and buy small quantities very often, so you only need a under counter freezer, or if you prefer to buy monthly and stock up all month long. 

Energy efficiency

This point is fundamental today. Brands have already fine-tuned and offer ranges with high energy efficiency. It doesn't pay to buy an A+, so even if you see that the price is better, you have to discard it: what you save on the purchase you will pay more later. A+++ slimline fridge freezers can reduce your electricity bill by 10%. If you can afford it, it pays off to pay a little more at first.

Freezing power

You will see that tall fridge freezers are rated with stars, from one to four, which has the most freezing power (between -24 and -30 °C). However, we recommend that you read the small print that assures you what temperatures your model reaches.

It is also highly recommended that you have the option of quick freezing. Why? Because by reducing the freezing time -imagine that we are talking about a thick piece of meat- you avoid the appearance of ice crystals and maintain the nutritional values. Then it can be kept at a stable temperature.

No frost technology

The best fridge freezers have this technology, which avoids the formation of frost. Do you remember when it was necessary to organize an operation of defrosting and cleaning of the black fridge freezer? The no-frost refrigerator arrived to put an end to this nuisance.

Humidity and temperature controls

The best thing is that the integrated fridge have a small display with all that information on the door. If the display is inside it's uncomfortable to look at, because food clogs the controls.

Most modern double fridge freezer have controls in sight. Many silver fridge freezers include an indoor air distribution system. They are called by different names, depending on the brands, but all freezers have a similar function: to distribute the cold. .

Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions when placing food. A hake does not need the same temperature as a piece of cheese or a broccoli. They usually indicate which is the right compartment for each thing.

Interior distribution of the best refrigerators

  • Do you like the manufacturer features?: different types of compartments, sliding trays, complements for cheeses, cold cuts, sauces...
  • They usually have two drawers to place fruit and vegetables.
  • Would a bottle rack be useful? Do you prefer more or less shelves?

The noise

The noise is indicate in decibels. This is especially important in small houses, where the bedrooms are close to the kitchen. We don't want you to hate your slimline fridge freezer when the compressor is switched on. 45 dB would be a good measure, but you can still find models that improve it and even reach 35 dB. Don't forget to look at that.

Extra features

Brands add details to these basic features to round out their product, such as the ice cube dispenser, LCD screen or an energy-saving system for when you go on holiday. You can monitor your hotpoint fridge freezer from your mobile.

How to clean fridge freezers?

The first tips for the maintenance of a safe american fridge to be careful with the bacteria can form in the food when it cools unevenly or at different times. It is also important that you remember to cover the food in the black fridge freezer. The best solution is to use a tupper.

In addition, if you don’t cover up them it could generate condensation and end up watered down. Another tip to conserve food in the upright freezer without spending excessive electricity or energy is not to open and close the door continuously. In fact, refrigerators with an open door warning avoid wasting energy or heating the food stored inside.

To clean the fridge freezers, even if you don't believe it, you have to start with the outside of the refrigerator. And we are not talking about the door being shiny, we are talking about cleaning the back of the fridge, which is in contact with the kitchen wall.

If you don't remove the dust and the cobwebs they could hinder the thermal exchange between the interior and the exterior. Finally, the great advantage of stainless steel fridge freezers is that they do not generate frost, especially if you have already had to empty and thaw the refrigerator more than once a year with your old slim fridge freezer.

Tips to organize the fridge

To save energy it is also important to keep in mind that whenever you go shopping you must distribute food in the integrated fridge freezer. First of all, to improve the performance of the fridge you have to leave about 3 centimeters of margin between the food and the walls.

You must also eliminate those containers that take up space and do not need to be refrigerated, such as the cardboard that wraps the packs of yogurts. And, so that you don't waste time looking in the cheap fridge the food, you could set aside a shelf or space for each type of food. In addition, the brand's instructions explain the different temperatures suitable for the small fridge freezer.

Remember that you should never have the refrigerator full to the top, and that the eco function is more than enough for food to be properly stored. When you go on holiday, it's recommended that the fridge be empty and disconnected. You save energy and you won’t have expired food.

Buy the best fridge freezers thanks to The Best 5

There are no secrets to our algorithm, we create it to filter millions of data and offer you what you want to know: the 5 best fridge freezers and the 5 cheapest freezers. If you want to choose fast and well, check out The Best 5, the smart comparison engine on Internet. Our unique algorithm uses artificial intelligence and big data to study hundreds of thousands opinions about refrigerators that other buyers have left on the net.

So, after reading and comparing opinions and ratings, we can offer a comparison with the best cheap fridge freezers on the market. What are you waiting for to become an intelligent consumer?

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