Gaming Keyboard UK, VicTsing Ultra-Slim All-Metal Frame

Gaming Keyboard UK, VicTsing Ultra-Slim All-Metal Frame


19.99 £


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Backlit keyboard that you can customize with various modes of use. The touch of the keys is quite good and the pressure you must exert is intermediate. Manufactured with resistant metallic materials. The keyboard includes a wrist rest and is compatible with a large number of computers. Easy to clean.

Pressing the keys produces a small mechanical noise, but it is almost insignificant with the noise of the game. The light it provides is not enough to illuminate the keys in the dark.

VICTSING Gaming Keyboard Mouse UK Layout【Rainbow LED

VICTSING Gaming Keyboard Mouse UK Layout【Rainbow LED


23.99 £


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Metal surface very resistant and more comfortable than plastic. The lights included in the keyboard can be customized, also if you do not want light at certain times you can turn them off. The keyboard comes with an ergonomic Gaming mouse. You can change the arrow keys for games.

The spacebar on the keyboard sounds a little uncomfortable when you press it, but if you use headphones or good speakers you won't hear this squeak.

RK100 3 Color LED Backlit Mechanical Feeling

RK100 3 Color LED Backlit Mechanical Feeling


12.49 £


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One of the cheapest gaming keyboards on the market. It has no frames on either side and is quite light. It has lights of various colors and adjustable brightness. The touch of the keyboard is pleasant and you will notice that the keys are elastic.

The Enter key is a little small. In addition the keyboard is quite flat and can be uncomfortable for people who usually play with the keyboard a little raised from the back.

Razer RZ03-02040300-R3W1 Ornata Chroma Mecha Membrane Gaming

Razer RZ03-02040300-R3W1 Ornata Chroma Mecha Membrane Gaming


75.41 £


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The keys are not noisy at all and the feeling when touching them is quite good. The wrist rest is a useful extra for long play sessions. The backlight settings are varied, but it's best if the keys light up when you press them. The software for configuring the keys is simple.

The space bar has a sensor similar to the rest of the keys, so if you press it from one side you might have difficulty activating it.

Logitech 920-008017 G910 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical

Logitech 920-008017 G910 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical


108.49 £


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Heavy and resistant. The keys are pleasant to touch and it doesn’t emit noise, and the gaming keyboard has 9 programmable keys. Volume control with wheel and RGB lighting that you can customize with Logitech software.

To be able to use the settings you've chosen, you must always have the Logitech software open. Without the keyboard light, it's hard to see the letters.

The best of the best

Which are the best gaming keyboards to play on your computer?

When you enter the world of gaming you change the way you view certain materials, such as headphones or pc screens. But some elements that are very important for the gaming experience are the best gaming keyboards, very different from normal office keyboards.


If you had to choose a keyboard right now, the best you could buy is the ultra-slim Victsing gaming keyboard, which is the model with the best reviews on Amazon today. This keyboard is not only good for its functions, but also for the very competitive price it has. First of all, the Victsing keyboard has two backlighting modes that you can configure according to what you need at any time.

One of the most important features of this keyboard is the function that allows you to use keys simultaneously to better respond to video games. The keyboard includes an ergonomic wrist rest so you can rest your arm and not be burdened with so much pressing the keys.

With 12 multimedia key combinations and 19 non-conflicting keys, you'll have everything you need to avoid losing in any game. The manufacturing material is very important in these devices, as they tend to suffer many blows and wear.

The Victsing gaming keyboard is ultra-thin and is made of metallic materials, plus the keys have been laser-printed, a method that provides wear resistance. Don't worry about compatibility, you can use it with all kinds of operating systems and computers. The 4.4 stars it has in Amazon show that it is a very good gaming keyboard, even users highlight that it is one of the best they have tried.

Types of keyboards for video games

All keyboards may look the same to you, except the old ones with giant keys that included the computers of the 2000s. But players you know will always explain to you that a gaming keyboard doesn't look at all like the keyboard you use on your office computer.

A good gaming keyboard is essential to make your gaming experience as complete as possible, with no mistakes due to a delay in pressing the keys and a comfortable sliding of the fingers.

Although the gaming mouse is a more delicate device, it is also important to have a ergonomic gaming keyboard that responds to the commands you give it. In The Best 5, the smart comparison engine, our goal is to save you money by buying the best gaming keyboards.

In the price comparator you can see the best keyboards with different prices so you can choose the one you like best. The electronic sports have millions of fans and if you are one of them sure that you have at home a pc gaming to play.

Our algorithm uses artificial intelligence and big data to analyze all gaming keyboard reviews. With this process manages to show in the comparator the most purchased gaming keypads. If you continue reading you will be able to solve all your doubts to buy a gaming keyboard without problems.

To buy any technological device safely it is important to know all the models that exist. Membrane and mechanical keyboards are currently being designed by manufacturers.

The most experienced gamers think that mechanical gaming keyboards are better, but when it comes to choosing, the taste of the person is always important. We want to avoid any doubt, so we will show you all the models you can buy so you can choose wisely. Although websites do not usually include this type of keyboards, we will also see in keyboard that include laptops.

The mechanical keyboards

The mechanical gaming keyboards are among the favorites of regular players. Razer mechanical keyboards work similarly to the typewriters your grandparents used. Under each key is a mechanical switch that works every time you press it.

These types of pc gaming keyboards are the most expensive on the market, but before you buy you should know what Cherry switches are. The Cherry MX keys have become the standard models, as all brands choose them to build their keyboards or try to imitate them.

Even if the keys are resistant you must always control yourself when playing and never hit hard when playing. Within the key types of the mechanical keyboards you will find 4 totally different models:

  • Cherry MX Blue: These keys are not oriented to video games, as they are used more for keyboards dedicated to typing.
  • Cherry MX Red: Users consider these to be the noisiest keys. But they don't need a lot of pressure to respond, so they're used a lot in the world of gaming.
  • Cherry MX Brown: Cherry's brown key model is preferred by players. It has soft keys, little sound and comfort.
  • Cherry MX Black: The black keys make almost no noise, but you must press harder to activate them correctly.

Membrane gaming keyboards

The membrane gaming keyboards are not as popular in the world of gaming, but there are certain players who still prefer them over mechanical keyboards. The keys on the membrane models operate through an electric current that moves through two soft plastic membranes.

If you are a beginner and don't want to spend a lot of money you can opt for a cheap gaming keyboard with membrane keys. These models are easier to make and have a cheaper price.

For many players comfort is essential and this keyboard model may not provide the comfort point to play for several hours. The best thing you can do is to try both models. You must also chack the price, as mechanics are more expensive than membrane.

Laptop Keyboard

Finally, we can also talk about the scissors keyboard. The keys of this model are composed of two interlaced pieces of plastic. Scissor keyboards use 3-layer membranes and are included in laptops, you will almost never find a scissor keyboard for a desktop computer.

Scissor keys don't make a lot of noise and you'll have to use little force to activate the function you want. The space between the keys is slightly smaller than on other keyboards and they're hard to clean. The travel distance of the scissor mechanism is quite small.

The mechanical gaming keyboards are the most commonly used by professional players, as they are more comfortable and responsive. But your final choice will depend on your taste people, so try to choose according to the way you play.

Types of keys

In addition to the type of key you must analyze the characters and keys that have a particular model. According to the variants we can find 3 different devices and oriented for different games:

  • Multipurpose keyboard: this model resembles the typical office keyboard, although it probably has light and some extra keys. Multi-purpose keyboards are perfect for FPS, RTS MOBA or some other action and adventure holdouts.
  • MMO Keyboard: For cooperative Internet games it's best to have an MMO gaming keyboard and mouse, which has 8 to 20 keys added to use all of the game's abilities. These keyboards are big and expensive.
  • Keyless Keyboards: Models that remove numbers from their structure and are too small to take anywhere you want.

Features for choosing a gaming keyboard

If you have already chosen what type of keyboard you want, don't be so quick, you still need to know other features that you must take into account to buy. Here are some factors that are more important than others, but you don't want to make a mistake you should be informed about all the features.


The illumination of the keyboard is an important point to play, as almost all gamers love to play in the dark to see the screen without reflections and be able to focus on the details of the game. To select the backlight you have two options, a single color or full RGB for the keyboard.

A gaming computer needs a high-quality mouse and an illuminated display. If you have these two objects in a particular light, such as red, your new Razer gaming keyboard should have red backlighting. With the unification of the color you will obtain a very nice gaming set.

On the other hand you can choose a RBG backlit keyboard, which has a mixture of colors or different options. The best RGB keyboards are more expensive than the single color ones. Some mice and headphones can be synchronized with the computer keyboard game for the same type of lighting.


Regarding the connection there are also two models for gaming keyboards, the USB connection and wireless. If you ask the most experienced gamers, they will give you a convincing answer.

They never want to use a wireless gaming keyboard with WiFi or bluetooth connection. Every player wants a wired gaming keyboard, so they don't have to pay attention to the battery and suffer a major fall in the middle of an important game.

Therefore we advise you to choose a wired keyboard to avoid a hard defeat because of the battery. The connection used by all manufacturers is USB, the best known worldwide and the most used connection for computers.

If on your PC the USB bus is very charged may notice a delay between the time you press the key and the reaction of the game. There is also the PS/2 connection, which is no longer commercialized despite offering good response time.

Print and key material

Knowing the manufacturing material is also an important aspect of buying a gaming keyboard, not to mention the printing method used for the keys. Knowing these two data is key to know if the keyboard will wear out after a short time of use at home. Mainly manufacturers use two plastics:

  • ABS plastic: it is the more expensive of the two materials and usually does not have erased letters despite much use. In addition it is a plastic very resistant to high temperatures and to the force exerted on the keyboard. Professional gamers often buy ABS plastic keyboards because of their high resistance.
  • PBT plastic: this material is a different plastic, cheaper and lighter than ABS. Due to its lower quality it becomes glossy in less months and the letters are erased. On the other hand its resistance to high temperatures is quite low. PBT plastic keyboards are the cheapest and a good option if you want a small gaming keyboard.

If we talk about the printing method we find up to 4 different processes. In the first place is the classic printing with stickers, a fairly cheap method and widely used by manufacturers. Secondly there is laser burn, a process that produces rough keys and only prints in black color, so it's a process that's used only with white gaming keyboards.

On the other hand, factories use sublime printing, a mechanism that uses paint to evaporate it and print it on plastic keys. The sublime print is very resistant and is used for colored Razer keyboards. Finally, you can choose to mold into two components, a process characterized by using the base and the top of the letter in two parts. These are the most expensive keyboards.

Buy the best gaming keyboards thanks to The Best 5

With all the information you've seen, you're sure to have a clearer idea of which PC gaming keyboard you need. In The Best 5, the smart comparison engine, we give you tips and we also offer you a price comparator with the best gaming keyboards.

Getting the best products is not easy, but we have our unique algorithm. This algorithm analyzes all opinions about top gaming keyboards with big data and artificial intelligence and filters all options to offer only the best. And you, what are you waiting for to become an intelligent consumer?

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