CyberpowerPC Warrior i7-1060 Gaming PC - Intel

CyberpowerPC Warrior i7-1060 Gaming PC - Intel


928.8 £


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Gaming computer that has managed to rank as Amazon's Choice for its great features and good performance. It has a 240 GB SSD hard drive and a 1 TB HDD hard drive. It also has a RAM of 16 GB and Windows 10 preinstalled so you can use it when you get home.

The WiFi of the computer is not very reliable, the best thing is to use it with Ethernet. The layout of the connectors is not very precise, there is little room to plug several at once.

ADMI Gaming PC: Intel i5 9400F 4.1Ghz

ADMI Gaming PC: Intel i5 9400F 4.1Ghz


639.95 £


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Very striking design with two fans with lights. It has a very wide RAM of 8 GB and a graphic card Nvidia GTX 1660 of 6GB. The operating system that includes the pc is the Intel Core i5 of magnificent quality and capacity to reproduce content 4K with the accompaniment of a good screen.

The great disadvantage of this pc gaming is its HDD 1TB hard drive, which does not work as efficiently as a good capacity SSD hard drive.

ADMi Gaming PC: G4560, GTX 1050 Ti

ADMi Gaming PC: G4560, GTX 1050 Ti


494.95 £


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Computer with a powerful Intel G5400 Fast Dual Core processor and a high-performance NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti 4GB graphics card. It also has USB 3.0 ports and connection available for HDMI, DVI and Displayport devices. WiFi connection available. Windows 10 installed on this gaming computer.

This pc gaming hasn't hard disk SSD to favor a faster operation, it only has a hard disk HDD of 1 TB.

Windows 10 Dell Gaming Ready PC Set

Windows 10 Dell Gaming Ready PC Set


186.0 £


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Gaming equipment including screen, computer tower, keyboard, mouse and two speakers for a great experience in front of the screen. This pc has Windows 10 Proffesional, processor Q8400 of 4 cores and a graphics card NVIDIA GT710 of 2 GB. The tower is small so as not to take up too much space.

It's a reconditioned gaming computer, but comes with Amazon Renewed's 1-year warranty. It hasn’t an SSD hard drive and its HDD hard drive has a smaller capacity than other computers in this comparison, only 500 GB.

ADMI Gaming PC: AMD A10-9700 3.8GHz Quad

ADMI Gaming PC: AMD A10-9700 3.8GHz Quad


299.5 £


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Computer of good characteristics and at a very attractive price. AMD A10-9700 processor with 4 cores and 8 GB RAM. Radeon R7 graphics card and WiFi connection. It has Windows 10 preinstalled, HDMI connection and USB 3.0. It is an ideal computer for people who are starting in the world of video games.

Despite being a good computer with great features, this pc does not have a SSD hard drive to be faster. Its hard disk is HDD and it has capacity for 1 TB. It also does not have an NVIDIA graphics card, which for many is more reliable than the Radeon 7 that has this pc.

The best of the best

Comparison of the best gaming PCs to enjoy video games at home

Electronic sports are growing like foam and more and more young people are preferring one of the best gaming PCs to play with rather than a good mobile phone.


Among all the combinations of gaming computers, online consumers have placed the CyberpowerPC Warrior with i7-8700 processor in first position. Maybe you know it, but if this is the first time you see this computer do not worry, let's see its main features. As already mentioned, this pc gaming has an i7-8700 processor with 6 cores at 3.2. GHz speed and an Intel B360 motherboard.

The cooling box, which is very important in gaming computers, is the model Inwin 101 Mid Tower Case. In addition the pc includes red led lights to gain beauty. On the other hand, the gaming pc has 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, a SSD SATA-III hard disk of 340 GB and another HDD SATA-III hard disk of 2 TB at 72000 revolutions per minute. As you can see, you will not lack memory in your new pc.

The graphics card is one of the most important parts of a gaming computer and this CyberpowerPC Warrior includes a 6 GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, one of the most powerful graphics cards on the market. There is no lack of any type of connection in this pc gaming, which has two USB 2.0 ports and 4 USB 3.1. first generation ports, plus HDMI connection, DisplayPort, DVI-D, Wifi and a last RJ45 Ethernet Network port.

The guarantee of this pc lasts 2 years and includes Windows 10 64-bit. To the recommendations of the professional gamers you must join the opinions of the users who have tried this great computer. People who already have a CyberpowerPC Warrior emphasize that this pc meets expectations and all the pieces perform marvelously.

Key factors to choose a gaming pc

Electronic sports are growing like foam and more and more young people are preferring one of the best gaming PCs to play with rather than a good mobile phone. Getting a perfect experience with a gaming computer and the gaming chair is achieved by thoroughly knowing all its important parts, so you can correctly choose a good computer for video games.

The components you select must have a perfect union and the ability to avoid any problem. But a gaming desktop is not an expensive product, so it is even more important to choose safely so as not to make a mistake when spending money. As we say, with a deep knowledge of the important parts of a gaming pc you will avoid wasting the budget you have to buy.

In The Best 5, the only intelligent recommender of Internet products, we want to avoid all those hours of searching to know the different gaming laptops or which pieces are more important.

In the price comparator above you can see the best gaming PCs at a very competitive price. In addition we will explain all the factors you must take into account to make a final decision.

We work with our own algorithm, designed with artificial intelligence and big data, which is responsible for analyzing all gaming computers reviews. With this study he is able to show in the price comparator only the best recommended computers.

To choose a cheap gaming pc you must analyze the parts that you probably take into account to buy a normal computer, although for a custom gaming pc these parts must have a specific power and certain different functionalities. So that you don't  make any mess, let's see each and every one.

Gaming CPU

Today's games force the computer to perform multiprocess work, so it is important to have a CPU that offers good performance and does not suffer falls during computer games.

As you may know, AMD and Intel are the two largest providers of CPUs, although Intel is always the preferred choice of most users. To give you an idea, if you want to enjoy high-definition gaming, you can't buy gaming PC with a processor of less than 2.5 GHz. The i7 gaming pc are the most powerful on the market, as they are intended for tasks related to videos and photos or for video games.

Specifically, the CPU should be quite powerful, but be careful with this. A processor for multiprocessing will cause a greater warming of the entire gaming tower and a fairly high power requirement. Make sure you have a good cooling system and a responsive power supply.


RAM works closely with the CPU. A laptop computer for office automation or reliable Internet surfing usually has a RAM of 4 or 6 GB, a correct capacity to perform some multiple process but without much demand.

With this data you can imagine what needs a pc gaming. The RAM memory is responsible for helping the CPU to perform the processes that needs the high end gaming pc to work with a video game.

Specifically, a gaming pc needs around 16 GB to not offer delay when playing. If you want more reliability and more power, you can opt for a RAM of 32 GB, a gigantic memory.

Graphics card

For a gaming desktop pc the graphics card is everything, it is the piece that is in charge of processing all the graphics so that the games are seen with the maximum quality possible. To obtain a good performance your pc needs a graphics card of 2 or 4 GB as minimum and with capacity to reproduce from 30 to 60 frames per second.

If you have a 1080p screen, it's best to buy a good gaming computer with 4 GB graphics. In addition this card must be dedicated, can not share space with the processor, as happens in many computers geared for less demanding activities than a video game.

Asus' GeForce brand has become one of the most important, as its graphics cards have always responded to the new needs for video games. One last tip, if you are going to play in 4K you could try joining two graphics cards, you might notice a more consistent power for that quality of video.


We are not going to make you doubt, the best thing you can do is buy a desktop gaming computer with a hard disk SSD. A few years ago it was more important the quantity than the quality, but the SSD hard disks have arrived to finish with this affirmation and to leave the HDD below them.

A computer for video games with an HDD hard drive may work well, but it won't have the speed to resolve processes that an SSD can achieve. First of all, whatever hard drive you buy should not fall below 250 GB, also do not risk, try to choose a reliable and experienced brand.

If you want to reduce the latency and that the load of the games is as minor as possible put a hard disk SSD to your gaming pc. They are more expensive devices but manage to reduce the duration of all processes. When you start one computer with SSD and another with HDD, you will notice the big difference between the two.


When buying a desktop computer it is always important to have a large number of ports. The most needed are:

  • USB 3.0: For peripherals like mouse and keyboard you will need several USB ports with 3.0 connection for better performance. With about 6 USB ports you will have enough.
  • HDMI connection: to connect certain monitors or some television to the computer you will need some HDMI ports.
  • LAN and power supply: a gaming pc cannot lack a port for direct connection to the Internet and to connect the pc to the electrical current.


The design of the gaming computer will depend on your budget and your personal taste. The most innovative creations can include liquid cooling, transparencies to see the inside or a striking color scheme to decorate your own gaming equipment in the bedroom.

If you have decided to build your gaming pc you must be more careful with the whole structure. Measure well the different pieces and how much space you have to place each part inside the gaming tower.

The refrigeration is very important to avoid that the pc collapses or breaks due to the heat of its activity. There should always be a flow of air and you should leave room for the fans to do their job. You can also install extra fans outside or in some space inside the tower. You can combine the colors of the gaming tower with those of the lights in your room.

How to prepare your pc gaming for the future?

The future of video games looks like it's going to be awesome. Games are coming out with graphics unthinkable a few years ago and almost confuse us with the reality we see with our eyes.

If you want that your new gaming rig does not become obsolete in one or two years you must consider the possibilities of update of your pc. Here we speak about the adaptation to the new technology of Virtual Reality or to the capacity that is needed to execute very complete games.

Compatibility for VR

Virtual reality is increasingly reaching goals to offer very powerful video games. To be able to use VR glasses your computer must meet specific requirements to function smoothly.

A PC with Intel Celeron is not designed for high performance games, so it would be normal to use a PC with i5 or i7 to be able to play with VR. But not only is it important to have a processor with a few limitations and VR glasses, also your computer must have a powerful graphics card and a RAM memory of 4GB or more.

As we always say, the best thing is to look for a pc that surpasses these minimum requirements, so you will be more than sure that everything will work perfectly.


Although when you buy your new gaming desktop you think you have made the best possible choice, in a few years you will want to change some pieces to adapt to the new video game formats.

Perhaps you need a RAM with more memory, a graphics card with more capacity or a new power supply. If you don't want to have to buy a new pc in a short time make sure that the gaming tower can be edited easily. If you buy a pc that allows you to change parts without tools you will appreciate it.

Buy the best gaming PCs thanks to The Best 5

In The Best 5, the only intelligent product comparator on the Internet, we don't just give you all the tips you need to buy a good gaming computer. In addition to this we want you not to waste time searching around the Internet, so in the price comparator above you can buy the best gaming PCs on the market.

In order to get these products we use our own algorithm, which with artificial intelligence and big data analyzes all gaming PCs reviews show the best rated. And you, what are you waiting for to become an intelligent consumer?

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