So many questions without an answer...not with The Best 5!

What is The Best 5?

Surely before buying any product on the internet, you have spent hours reading reviews, websites, comparing prices ... and the offer is that big that it's hard for you to decide because you don´t know which product is the best. Well, we have good news, with The Best 5 you won´t waste more time searching online!

The Best 5 is the only intelligent comparison website that reads thousands of reviews online and, based on them, it recommends the best options of what you are looking for, saving you time and money. And the best part: all in one click and for free.

How does The Best 5 differ from other comparison & review websites?

Many websites and blogs list hundreds of products, providing little valuable information to help customers evaluate the best ones, which makes you lose an average of 90 minutes reading reviews, features and comparing prices to end with many doubts.

n The Best 5 we do that previous search that you would do before buying anything online, reducing those 90 minutes to 1 click. We punctuate the articles and we show you only the 5 best rated products of what you are looking for, and the websites where you can get the best prices.

How do you make money?

We have a CPC (cost per click) business model, which the online stores pay us a certain amount per click they receive from our website. Also, with certain stores we get a commission for each sale that takes place in the online stores to which we redirect.

Do I have to register to use The Best 5?

No, you don't! You can join our Newsletter by entering you email at the footer of our website to be monthly updated about the best products, but that is your choice!

How do I use The Best 5?

Type the generic category that you are looking for in the search bar that says "Find me the best 5...", press enter and select the one you are interested in. The best 5 rated products in each category will appear from left to right, the winner will always be highlighted at the very left. You will be able to check the historical prices, to set an alarm to get an email if prices drop and also to compare prices in different stores for each product.

Clicking on "Go to shop" will drive you to the site where you can buy the product. You can also narrow down you search by the 3 price ranges, depending on which one suits your budget.

Below the 5 products you will find an extensive article of information, tricks and curiosities about this products that will help you with your purchase decision.

How often are you top rated products updated?

We update our information daily, which doesn't mean that the top products selected by our algorithms change everyday because consumer preferences change over a few weeks or even months, that is when our algorithms will show new top rated products

Why my favourite brand is not on the list?

If your favorite brand is not on the list, it is possible it is not rated high enough by other consumers within that specific category. It may, however, be found on the Best Rated List of another category.

I can´t find the category I'm looking for, what should I do?

We are constantly working to make sure that all categories that users may want are available and displayed correctly. If you still can not find what you need, do not hesitate to contact us here to go to yahoo. and we will try to either include that category or help you find what you are looking for.

Can I advertise my product or brand on The Best 5?

We do not advertise products. All the best products are listed from existing data collected and doesn’t come from advertising or paid sources

If your product gets positive comments online and performs better than others on its category, our algorithm will collect it from the online data and it will automatically display it on the our site.